How to Win McDonalds Monopoly

Anyone that knows me knows that I have an addiction. It may not be to drugs, alcohol, or smoking but it is just as fierce – it’s to McDonalds. Since I was a little girl, my ideal meal was a Big Mac combo and I haven’t faltered since. The zesty Mac sauce and the salty fries make my mouth water just thinking about it. Even when I lived three hours away from the nearest McDonalds, I would make the trek at least once a month to get my fix. My husband was fully aware of my faults when we met and he still accepted me with open arms.  It was a surprise that I’d yet to win any major prize on the McDonalds Monopoly and I had proposed that it was rigged.

Darren was late coming home from work one evening and I starving. I’d promised to wait for him for dinner but a quick cheese burger from McDonalds would leave him non the wiser. I had my jacket on and my purse slung over my shoulder when the phone rang. He was offering to bring me home a Big Mac meal as a peace offering for being an hour late. I immediately forgot about my cheese burger and waited for the bigger prize.

When he walked in the door, he put our meals on the table and went into the kitchen. Normally, I would wait for him to join me but I opened the bags and started to place the food in our spots. His slow return left me digging in to my long awaited burger. With a mouth full of food, I pealed the Monopoly stickers off of the soda.

The first sticker said, “Lesley, please turn around.” 

In awe, I turned to find Darren on one knee next to my chair.

“You have changed my life and given me more than I ever dreamed possible. I promise to always give the same back to you for as long as I live. You are the most beautiful, loving, adventurous person I know. Will you marry me?”

Normally, well – before the pregnancy, I wasn’t much for crying but I had no control over the tears that filled my eyes.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!”

As he slid the “AMORE” ring over my finger, I had found true happiness.  I didn’t need a million dollars from McDonalds or a new car; I already had the dream life with my soon-to-be dream husband.

It couldn’t have been a more thoughtful proposal that fit me perfectly. I’m not a flowers or chocolates kind of girl, but put a Big Mac before me and my heart melts.

26 thoughts on “How to Win McDonalds Monopoly

  1. What a wonderful story!! I love how he covered all his bases by putting it behind BOTH stickers. Even though this post was under “wedding”, I still half thought you might have won something BIG at Monopoly. The most we ever get is free french fries, and we eat a LOT of McD. I definitely agree that you won the bigger prize, tho. Well written!


  2. Um. That’s such a cute idea! I love it. I’m going to share it with my girlfriend who loves McD’s as much as you do. You might enjoy this: she was sick one week and when she came back, after she placed her order the drive-thru guy added, ‘and a sprite to drink right? Long time no see miss’.


  3. So sweet! A very unique marriage proposal! I am going to show this post to my daughter, who also loves McDonald’s food above all else. She is an incurable romantic and will love this story!

    Thank you for the “like” on my bookclub blog.


  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who a) loves a Big Mac and b) had a proposal that was something unique and absolutely perfect for who we are! Thanks for finding me – it gives me someone else to read each day!


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