“This is the best tree-lovers monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world.” John Muir

Nestled in a cool, foggy canyon north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods is the world’s most famous grove of redwoods. These tall trees are a spectacular remnant of the vast redwood forests that once filled the hills surrounding San Francisco Bay.

Redwoods grow taller than any other tree species in the world. The average age of the redwoods in Muir Woods ranges from 400–800 years old, and many ancient specimens have been around for more than a millennium. The grove’s tallest tree stands more than 250 feet high.

Muir Woods is the only sizable stand of old-growth redwoods remaining in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This species of evergreen is the tallest species of tree living in the world today. 

The sunlight peers through the trees as it casts it’s rays on unsuspecting branches and leaves providing a warmth and comfort to visitors from around the world. 

14 thoughts on ““This is the best tree-lovers monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world.” John Muir

  1. We lived just 45 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge from 1980 until 1995. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived in. There is also Humboldt State Park further north of Santa Rosa, which is amazing and of course the petrified forest near Calistoga, All a bit further north of the Muir Woods.
    I am glad you enjoyed that. Whenever friend and family from Germany would visit us, this would be on top of our list of places to show off


    • Are you originally from Germany? I’ve traveled through Germany but never had the opportunity to spend any real time there. I hope to return to Europe soon and Germany will be included without question.

      San Francisco is about 8 hours away but it makes for a good long-weekend trip. We stayed with a couple through Homeexchange and it was a great experience. The major tourist attraction that I missed was Alcatraz but it is significant enough to make me want to return.

      Do you still live in California? It has been the best year of my life since moving here and I hope to stay indefinitely .

      Thanks again for your comments and your support.



      • Yes, I am originally from Germany. I was born in Mainz and grew up on and island in the North Sea. It’s called SYLT. It is the largest North Frisian Island in the chain up by Denmark.
        We have lived in North-West Michigan since the spring of 1995. I don’t think there is a place, besides “my island” that I would rather live.

        The people here are more to my liking than the transient attitude of the people that live in California


        • I’m originally from eastern Canada and the people make it home, but everything about California makes me want to stay. I just wish I could move everyone close to me, but I’ll settle for visiting. 🙂


  2. Hi again Lesley. Muir Woods is a wonderful haven for anyone who needs rejuvenation and cleansing, or just a fantastic Saturday. The family and I used to go there sometimes. Golden times. I was also happy to see you quoted John Muir. Few people write more soul-touching words on nature than him. If you ever visit the Bay Area again, consider a trip to very beautiful Tilden Regional Park. There is much more unpaved (and untamed) area here, along with some perimeters that tell the trekker she might be entering Brown Bear land 🙂


  3. Fantastic place, I visited there a couple of years ago and Muir woods is just so awe-inspiring… I loved the whole Bay area, I really want to visit again some day.
    Great photos too!!


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  5. I drive over to Samuel P Taylor park, north of Muir Woods, on summer afternoons…about an hour drive from Berkeley…I take a blanket, pillow, books,music and lunch and sit, read, nap, listen to birds for 4 or 5 hours…and then head home…it’s a wonderful afternoon! I love redwoods! Your photos are beautiful…particularly how you “captured” that sunlight coming through the redwoods…just lovely!


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