Utopia Along the Pacific

If you’re looking for a picturesque beach in Southern California that would make Sir Thomas More‘s Utopia look like a slum, make sure you check out Strands Beach in Dana Point. It is not seen from the Pacific Coast Highway; rather, it is nestled beneath a bluff bordering the Ritz Carlton on one side and a mountain of brand new, multi-million dollar homes on the other.

Getting to the sand is a picturesque journey down dozens of paved steps. If you’re not up to the short hike, jump inside the tram, which runs up and down the hill all day, giving weary water-logged beach goers a break. Other amenities include free parking, bathrooms, showers, and unlimited photo opportunities.

On any given day, the beach is filled with both locals and tourists looking for a chance to catch some waves, sun, and relaxation.

Strands is the essence of southern California; it’s majestic, awe-inspiring, natural seascape is a little piece of paradise.

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