The Source of all Your Beat Generation Needs

The Beat Museum is a collection of memorabilia related to the writers and poets involved in the Beat movement. North Beach was the home of the Beats, which makes the 540 Broadway, San Francisco location of the museum a fitting tribute. With a meager $5 admission fee, it was well worth my time.

Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Neal Cassady, and Michael McClure are just a sampling of the people who comprised the spirit and the force that became the Beat Generation.

I spent an hour enjoying the spirit of the Beats through writings, photos, artifacts, and history throughout the museum, as well as taking in a portion of a documentary that was playing in the make-shift theatre in the back. The museum is a step back to where it all started, celebrating the spirit of The Beat Generation which is Tolerance, Compassion, and having the courage to live your own individual Truth. It’s a great introduction to the movement.

I left with a desire to learn more about the fascinating history and culture that made up The  Beat Generation and an understanding of why even “Jesus was a beatnik.”

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