Vacation in a Foreign Country in Just 2 Hours!

Located 20 minutes south of the border from San Diego, California, the proximity to the border and scenic location between the Pacific Ocean and coastal foothills, makes Rosarito Beach one of the leading towns in Baja California, Mexico.

Rosarito is a unique opportunity to vacation in a foreign country, but with the convenience of a short drive.

Tthe warm climate, the variety of daily activities, and the breathtaking sunsets  make this beautiful beach community a great place to visit.

Throw caution to the wind; it’s ill-advised. Baja, Mexico is still a relaxing oceanfront experience.

14 thoughts on “Vacation in a Foreign Country in Just 2 Hours!

      • When you say you had a teacher during your trip, do you mean you had a tutor with you? or a friend was very helpful?

        I have been thinking about going somewhere in Central America for language school. I was wondering if you did something like that and you went on an outing with your teacher.


    • Thank you for your kind words. Since moving to California, the photography has sort of taken care of itself. I’m surround by beauty.

      Have you ever been to California or Mexico?

      Please keep the comments coming; they are appreciated.



  1. Hi Lesley,

    No, I have not been to Mexico. It looks like a wondrous place and I would love to visit. My brother has been there and he said though it’s beautiful, it’s not much of a safe country to be traveling through. I’m sure it has its positives and negatives.


    • I think it’s important to be careful in any country and some more than others but I’ve always tried to see as much as humanly possible. After crossing the border and experiencing the culture, I know that I’ll return. If it’s something that stresses you out, try an all-inclusive and stick close to the resort. It certainly is a great place to experience.

      I have another post about the most amazing all-inclusive that I’ve ever been to and it was in Mexico; you should give it a look.



  2. Thank you!

    Being from eastern Canada, the idea of traveling to a new country in just two hours was a familiar concept. I often traveled to Maine from New Brunswick for a weekend getaway, but the similarities between the US and Canada are so close that it hardly felt like visiting a new country. Driving across the border into Mexico, however, is a distinctive cultural change. It was obvious that I was in unfamiliar territory. Although I felt safe during my trip, there are always cautions during new experiences.

    I hope to return soon.

    Have you been to Mexico before? It is a beautiful country with lots to offer.

    Thanks for your comments; please keep them coming.



  3. Love your blog! I had to add a link on my blog ( because you offer so many great destinations. I was in San Diego a few years ago…I should have went across the border. Aw, maybe next time.


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