Ahoy Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, southern California gave me the opportunity to set sail on the high seas on-board a replicated 18th century Spanish galleon anchored in a 250,000 gallon indoor lagoon for the perfect blend of action, adventure, aerial artistry, special effects, swordplay, comedy, surprise, romance, and a hearty feast; oh the hearty feast still has my mouth watering! Want-to-be pirates of all ages became emerged in the epic and interactive dinner theatre that can only be described as a Broadway quality show. Men, women, and children of all ages can find something great and entertaining about the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Sail away with me to a time of pirates, swashbuckling, and sword-fighting.

Children wearing brightly colored jewelry, bandanas, and pirate hats ran freely around the tavern-style seating awaiting the show, while their overwhelmed parents searched for the hopefully well-stocked bar. That was the initial, opening scene before the adventure began. I love being surrounded by children of all ages and I longed to have their energy and imagination. It was easy to see that the show had already begun for them.

As we made our way to open seats, we spotted an array of complimentary appetizers being passed around. The children and other guests became a blur as I enjoyed meatballs, chicken, and pork on freshly baked bread. The pre-show hadn’t even begun and I already loved the dinner theatre.

A pair of actors emerged on the small stage in the tavern area to begin the pre-show and everyone gathered around. It wasn’t long before we were being lead by our own “yellow” mascot who matched the color of our ticket.

Our “Yellow” section coinsided with a fearless pirate who we cheered on as the adventure unfolded. The first course, a choice of soup or salad along with refreshments, was delivered to the table as the cast of dozens of actors, singers, and stunt performers engagingly set the stage with eye-drawing action, accompanied by cannon blasts, gun and sword fights, and plenty of laughs.

Part way through the show, the main feast was delivered and it was fit for a hungry pirate. I enjoyed a half chicken dinner with rice, broccoli, and Mandarin slices. There was another choice of pork, but I’d filled up on the pork appetizers so I anxiously awaited the chicken. The chicken skin was crisp yet the meat was tender and juicy. I assumed there was no way I could finish the over-whelming amount of food before me, but with pregnancy comes a great appetite and I easily scarfed down the massive amounts of food.

Shortly after cleaning my plate, a dish of ice cream and apple crisp was delivered and I
found room to fit it in. The hot apples and cold ice cream were the perfect way to finish my meal. I was left with a cinnamon flavor in my mouth to accompany the sweet flavor of the theatre.

The show continued with more than half of the guests, and all of the children, being given the chance to play an actual role. My husband was selected to become a pirate as he delivered gold to the ship. He was transformed before my very eyes and he smiled in his cute pirate vest and hat,but it was the expression on the children’s faces that delighted me. They joined the cast on the stage, they helped with props next to the set, and they partook in an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

Even the evil Captain Sebastian the Black wasn’t a match for the hoards of pirate children participating in the show. They received a pirate certificate, a sword, and a pirate hat as they left the stage and it was an added touch that put a sparkle in each of their eyes.

The gypsy, Lynda, “Cirque du Soleil” style acrobatics was the most magical, breath-taking
sight to be seen. As she hung from two, thin pieces of white fabric, I sat in awe of her beauty and skill. Several times I gasped as I thought she was going to fall to her death as she swung, twisted, and turned through the fabric. It was heaven-like and serene.  Her ten minutes on stage was enough to make me return.

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure wasn’t my typical Saturday adventure. I wasn’t falling 13,000 feet from the sky, paddling ferociously down class V rapids, or rappelling down a cliff. I knew my life would change when I became pregnant and my days of extreme adventure would need to be put on hold for a short time, but the enjoyment I received from the dinner theatre was equally rewarding and I can’t wait to return with my little girl, as soon as she is old enough.

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