Something Borrowed

Weddings bring a continuous smile to my face. The beautiful bride, the anxious groom, the grateful friends and guests, and the happy parents; what’s not to love? As a recent wedding guest for my sister-in-law’s wedding, I felt tickled with joyousness and pride. It wasn’t the thought of gaining a new member of the family or the beauty of it all that was most overpowering, although those two things were perfect in their own way. Listening to the vows, witnessing the loving expressions on everyone’s face, and hearing the delightful tone of each speaker’s voice allowed me to superimpose my own marriage. Witnessing two people confess their love for each other and taking part in the following wedding celebration allowed time for reflection on my own life and love, and in those instances I was reminded how blessed I am. I borrowed moments from her special day to cherish my beautiful life.

Darren and I were married in Jamaica on a pristine beach while surrounded by friends and family. Brown dress pants and a white collared shirt were more than appropriate for a beach wedding and Darren looked spectacular. Our wedding was simple and adventurous, like our everyday life, and it fit our personalities and lifestyle to a tee. No tux was required or wanted in such hot temperatures. Sara’s wedding was much different!

As the Master of Ceremonies, Darren was going to sport a black tux, similar to the groom and groomsmen,  and it would mark our first formal dress-up experience together. He quickly went from the cute, handsome, funny, Clark Kent husband that I love and witness daily to the dashing, sexy, endearing Superman husband that I lusted for instantly.  I squeezed into my brown, silk dress and hoped that he still found me attractive at three months pregnant. My apprehension diminished with each reminder of how beautiful I was, and it really meant something coming from Superman. The pressure was on to get to the ceremony quickly since Darren was also one of the ushers, but I found time to relish in his perfect attire and glimpse into his alluring eyes.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. Jason, the groom, sang an original song to his dashing bride and they exchanged personal, touching vows blended with a hint of humor. I smiled thoughtfully at Darren and the way he looked at me told me he felt the same way. Our love radiated above the love and happiness that surrounded us; we were lost in time together and everything else was a blur.

Juxtaposition is the act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contract and it is the only word that I can use to describe Darren as the Master of Ceremonies. He already had my full attention in his tux, but his personality shone through during his time at the podium. He worked the crowd with ease, charm, and humor, and I was proud to call him my husband. He stood before 150 people, but somehow found a way to talk directly to me. As he scanned the room for eye contact, he smiled and subtly directed his attention toward me. Never again will I have to exist in that vast sea of eyes looking at someone else. I never felt alone or without him for one minute, although he was next to the head table for most of the dinner. How is it that one smile or one look can instantly comfort me and make me feel secure? At the wedding, and everyday, Darren gives that to me.

We mingled around the room when the dinner ended while meeting and greeting guests. I proudly spoke of the recent ultrasound and life in California and Darren did the same. Each time someone congratulated him on his pregnant wife, his face glowed, and I fought back tears of joy.

A slow dance song gave us the chance to be close together and share our favorite parts of the day. Darren chatted about his decreased nervousness as the evening progressed and I spoke of the family members that I met for the first time. His eyes watched me as if I was the only person in the room and he hung on my every word. Most times during our relationship Darren makes me feel special and loved, but it was during that dance that I grasped the true extend of our marriage.

On Sara and Jason’s day, I gave them my attention, my love, and my support, but I gained much more in return. I borrowed moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We had fitting attire, surrounding, and environment for a “princess” experience, But unlike those fairy-tales my life doesn’t have glimpses of happiness; it has the happiness of a lifetime.

13 thoughts on “Something Borrowed

  1. That was a beautiful and hearfelt memory shared with all of us. I agree with ‘Donkey Whisperer ..” and say God Bless you and is that you in the skydiving picture? 🙂 Bob


  2. Awww..this is so sensational..
    God bless you both..
    hOw special this relationship is when your spouse understands your unspoken feelings..
    Do visittt my blog i hope you’ll have a good time going through my work new to word press 🙂


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