Best All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico!

Last March, I visited the Iberostar Paraíso Lindo and I was blown away by the activities, food, beverages, cleanliness, and hospitality offered at such a reasonable price. The beautiful courtyards, the cobblestone walkways, the spectacular white-sand beaches, and the 32,000 square foot spa and shopping center offer richness and elegance. The only other all-inclusive resort that could possibly compare to the Iberostar Paraíso Lindo is the Royal Hideaway at over triple the cost.

With a wave pool, lazy river, swim-up bar, countless pools and restaurants, a fine, white- sand beach, jumping night life, kids’ club, Spanish lessons, dance lessons, aerobics, shooting, archery, basketball, cycling, beach volleyball, billiards, boccia, catamarans, football, gymnastics, kayaking, aqua gym, the scuba clinic, snorkeling, table tennis, tennis and windsurfing all without setting foot outside the hotel, I felt like everything I could ever need in life was at my finger tips.

While walking around the grounds of the resort, it felt like an aquatic paradise. The ocean was refreshing and never-ending; the pools filled the resort and appeared around every corner and the variety of water activities were impressive for any star resort.

My friend and I enjoyed an hour long kayak journey up and down the coast while the ocean life flourished below us. The fresh alcohol beverages that are made directly on the beach gave us liquid courage and we almost found ourselves swimming with the fishes without a snorkel and mask.

The waterfall cascading down the colonial-style structure leads to a wave pool for the young and the young at heart, and big surprise, but it is next to a bar and restaurant. Sometimes I wondered where the next, new restaurant was going to show up.
Even after a day of swimming, the pools were still in perfect condition and the chairs lined the area nicely. The maintenance/cleaning crew must be well paid because they certainly care about their work.  If a swim-up bar under a waterfall is what you’re after, you can find it centrally located near most of the main rooms and buildings. It was cool getting in first thing in the morning, but we were always sure they would have great drinks with little restrictions. The lazy river is perfect for tubing with children. It’s safe and relaxing, unless you’ve had too much to drink; that’s when it’s good to have a friend on hand to hold your precious drinks as you maneuver into the tube obviously built for children. I’m never one to return to an already-visited country little lone the same resort, but my next opportunity to travel south will include a stop at Iberostar Paraíso Lindo.

17 thoughts on “Best All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico!

  1. I am starting to daydream about my next vacation south – the resort looks wonderful. Have stayed at Iberostars before – have always found them to be a good hotel! Thanks for sharing.


    • I’ve been to 34 countries so far and countless all-inclusive resorts; this place still takes the cake hands down.

      I hope your next south vacation is just around the corner. Do you have somewhere in mind?

      Please keep the comments coming; they are appreciated.



    • Thank you! I’ve been thinking about where to go for Christmas and I might end up back here. It was the most beautiful, accommodating all-inclusive that I’ve been to. I don’t think I have one bad thing to say about it.

      I love every photo on your blog; do you take them all yourself?

      Thanks for commenting,



  2. I think that would be a great choice!! I love Mexico!! I have a condo in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), just about 3 hours from Phoenix. It is beautiful!! The water is so warm and clear!

    Thank you for your comments on the photos on my blog!! Yes, I do take all of them. I love just getting out and shooting! I have more at .

    Get that trip booked!! Christmas in Mexico sounds Awesome!!!

    Take care,


  3. I’m glad I came across this! I just decided I’d like to take a spur-of-the-moment vacation somewhere warm and have been rushing around to find a good place. I’m about to find out if I have to buy a new washing machine instead…fingers crossed! Thanks for the travel advice!


    • Good luck with the washer 😉

      It was one of the most amazing all-inclusive resorts that I’ve been to and I long to return with my husband. I hope you make it there.

      Let me know how things turn out.



      • Looks like it’ll be a new washer instead of vacation 😦 Oh well, hopefully I can make it there soon. It’s good to have something to look forward to at least!


  4. I am going some place tropical in a month or two but I ruled out Mexico b/c I had been there several times and never really been impressed with it. However, your review here is making me rethink my position–nice job.


  5. I’m trying to book a vacation to an all-inclusive down South with my friends. It’s a shame that my friends have a warped perception that all of Mexico is “not safe” and have vetoed my suggestions to travelling there. I’ve personally been to an all-inclusive in the Mayan Rivieria area and had a great time!

    P.S. I’m jealous of all your adventures!!


    • I’ve returned to Mexico more than any other southern destination for its beauty, culture, and all-inclusives. It’s too bad that your friends feels that way because they are truly missing out. I’d love to hear about where you decide 🙂


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