Swoop Bags: The Easy Way To Pick Up Toys!

The importance of children picking up after themselves is evident and I hope to instill that attitude in my daughter at a young age. I found an easy and fun way to encourage her to pitch in and help pick up her toys before moving onto the next adventure. Swoop Bags are the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one. They are ideal for tiny toys like blocks, marbles, dolls, stuffed animals, and so much more. It is simple, durable, and innovative, providing the ever-desired versatility that parents needs.

With bright modern colors (I chose chocolate brown because of its unisex appeal) , a strong, sturdy 100% cotton canvas, and a durable, black nylon cord, this 44″ diameter Santa-like sack holds a lot of toys. As the name suggests, you can throw all the toys onto the playmat and then swoop them all up with an easy pull of the drawstring. Then, you can hang the bag up on a hook for easy toy storage or toss it in the corner and out of the way.

When the bag is opened, it lays flat, which means kids can spread their toys around it and see almost everything in front of them. I love the avoidance of dumping the container upside down to see what’s at the bottom.

Not only do these bags make cleaning up easy, and kid-friendly, it is easy to clean. It is machine washable and tumble dry for practical cleaning.

One of my favorite parts about the Swoop Bag is that it can travel. With the Swoop Bag, kids can help load up their toys for the day and they’ll have a built-it contained play area where ever we go.  Plus, it makes clean up simple before heading back home.

I love the holiday season and all of its happiness and joy.  The holiday spirit and the gift of giving brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.  There is only one thing most parents don’t enjoy about the holiday season and that’s finding a place to put away all of the gifts and children’s toys; coming from a family of six children, believe me, I know! As a soon-to-be parent, the Swoop Bag will provide me with a functional and stylish solution and a fun way to encourage tidying-up.

Available for just $45 at swoopbags.com this easy to clean contraption is perfect for all of those pesky little toys that all parents and siblings have stepped on countless times.

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41 thoughts on “Swoop Bags: The Easy Way To Pick Up Toys!

  1. Those are a good idea! Though with a sewing machine and a nice stash of cotton twill and canvas, I’m confident I can make it for less than $45! Toy storage is a constant challenge!


    • With limited sewing abilities and no sewing machine, I think that the chances of me making one of these are pretty slim 🙂

      The fabric is sturdy and the colors are great; the storage options seem to be a lot better than boxes or containers, and it is more portable, which is important for my lifestyle.

      $45 is rather steep, but it is worth the space I’ll save and the quality will last for years. I think for the sewing challenged, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated.



    • I considered clear, plastic buckets but they are harder to move and take up more space.

      I think the greatest benefit will be for traveling. She can pick a few toys, leave them in the bag, and have a place to play when we are away.

      We’ll see how it turns out 🙂


  2. I am with Katie. After 30+ years of sewing I am sure we could make them for much less. One thought I had while I was reading your post (considering I am a 62 y.o. gramma of 9 and mom of 4) was this; Do they include a how to manual to teach you how to keep your child in that little 44″ diameter with all his/her toys???? I am not convinced, unless you use it only for a prewalker that this will work like they portray it. However, for a little one who hasn’t started walking or even crawling, I guess it might be handy but then it seems a lot of money to spend for such a short time. I love the idea, but I do not believe it is practical. Hope it works, worse scenerio is you will have another laundry bag!!! 🙂 Good luck!!!!
    Love reading your posts and all the thought and planning you put into your purchases….:)


    • There are a few practical qualities to the bag, especially since I’m an avid traveler. The fabric is sturdy and the colors are great; the storage options seem to be a lot better than boxes or containers, and it is more portable, which is important for my lifestyle.

      I think for the sewing challenged, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

      Happy Holidays,



  3. These look really neat! It’s a constant struggle with our girls to get them to help clean up – although they seem to do it just fine for the babysitter. (Grumble…) 🙂 Might need to get one of these and check it out! I wish they had a room-sized version.


  4. Hello Lesley, thank you for your ‘like’ on my Winter Sights in Aberdeen post. The ‘swoop bag’ is an interesting idea. When our children were small, I found it amazing how well I got to know their toys – this is Playmobil, that’s Lego, that goes with this doll, that is part of that set, etc.! And I came to love their toys a lot, too… I hope that you will find travels with a baby very smooth. One thing that worked for us was having my baby daughter sleep on a small sheepskin every night. On her first transatlantic flight (she was 6 months old) we put the sheepskin in the little cot, and told her (even though it was completely the wrong time of day) that it was time to go to sleep, and she did! Useful conditioning!


  5. Love your practical advice, Lesley! Although our life’s adventures may take different forms, we can appreciate the practicality in one another’s approaches. I am inspired by your sense of wonder in this life! Thank you for sharing your passion and your practical advice. Now… off to find one of these awesome “quicker-picker-upers!” 😉


  6. Thanks so much for this post! I hadn’t come across these yet and I think they’re brilliant. One of my boys has 3 huge plastic bins of toys in his closet (really all over his floor) and I have a hard time keeping them cleaned up. This just may be the solution that I need to clean up and make more room for the toys I know are coming over Christmas.


  7. I like the product and I like the mud pie one. I think that $45.00 is a bit pricy at the moment. So I think if the production costs are low enough if they can bring that price down to $20.00 or less then it would be a buy item for me. Thanks for posting the product, it’s a great idea as after the kids drop by we always have the toy explosion on the floor.


  8. Great Blog! Love this concept….similar in some ways to the inexpensive collectigo mat we bought our son (who loves Legos and other small toy pieces.) Like the Swoop Bag, It really helps with the clean up process and no more painful encounters with our feet! Win-Win.


  9. Do you think this would be an inappropriate gift to a family that just has way too much? Because I love these! Thanks for introducing them to me 🙂


  10. These are awesome! I’d never seen them before! As a teacher and a mom, my head is spinning with ways I could use them..! They’re a little pricey… but I imagine they’re worth their weight in gold!


  11. Thanks for hitting the “like” button on the blog today. Day two of Chicago touring is tomorrow.
    I think this bag looks great!
    Thanks for finding such a cool product.


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