Nursery of My Dreams

Since I was a teenage girl, I imagined being married to the man of my dreams. Unlike most teenage girls, though, I didn’t focus on the wedding day or any one day in particular. My imagination didn’t run away with details of wedding dresses, flowers, bridesmaids, churches, invitations, locations, or accommodating guests. I didn’t envision a personally designed engagement ring fit for a princess or the perfect proposal, although I received both of those with an open heart. No, my thoughts and wildest imagination centered on having a partner who loved traveling the world with me, who loved to explore and create a beautiful, unique life with me, and who cherished the daily events that filled our lives with joy. Designing a nursery for our precious baby girl was one of the most  fulfilling  experiences of my life. We created a dream world together. The accumulation of all of my teenage and adult dreams was met through the process of designing Athena’s room. 

We decided on two colors – hot pink and green, ,but bringing them together and making them unique was a challenge. We had no desire to have a typical crib, changing table, decorations, or wall color that filled homes around the globe. Our first stop was Ikea,, where we found pink and green towels that
were exactly what we’d envisioned so we made them, along with a pink wall lamp in the shape of a flower and a green bug wall lamp, our starting point.

I read an online article called How to Paint a Crib,, and my problems were solved. I had no idea that painting almost all surfaces was possible. Darren had agreed to paint whatever my heart desired and our room came together as easily as our relationship.

With colors in mind, paint in hand, and the knowledge that Darren would be meticulous about the painting process, I was confident that we could create a room that was a great place to grow up.

The wall decals and the bedding is from I constantly scoured the internet for the perfect blend of green and pink with a hint of “fairy-like” garden included. 
I made the tissue paper flowers by following the easy steps on Martha Stewart’s website. I love the added touch of color that appears to float in the air. They provided a frame for the butterflies and left room for a musical mobile. 
As a teacher, books, books, and more books were an important additive to the room. I found great deals on and second hand shops around Orange County. After spending only $50, I filled a bookshelf with reading material for my little girl. Hopefully she’ll love reading as much as her mother. As time progresses, we will add to the room decor; after all, I’m only four months pregnant, but we’ve already created a room that is unique and holds a special place in my heart for all of my hopes and dreams have come together.

87 thoughts on “Nursery of My Dreams

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  2. Such a pretty and happy room. Before my own young granddaughter was born her mom and dad planned a similar color scheme. I made a quilt to exactly match their paint swatches; pale pink, dark rose, and light green. Dad painted her room the soft green with wide pink stripes. Granddaughter is 5 now, her favorite color is blue. She told me on Saturday she wanted me to bring paint and paint her room blue. She also has shown me a bright animal print that she wants made into a blanket. I’m not certain she has talked to her parents about that…
    I have not started a new quilt.


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  4. Dear Lesley…this nursery is so beautiful and bright. It’s magnificent. But what you’ve done here with the story and photos, about what you want to create for your baby girl, is to bring back such *wonderful* and *good* memories for me as a mother. It’s sounds selfish to think of myself, but I love and loved being a mother more than anything in the world. I almost cry thinking about when my children were my little boy and my little girl. They’re grown now and I’m still so thankful to be their mother. It’s a good kind of almost crying:) Your little girl has *loving and wonderful* parents with big hearts who love her so much. She is already so greatly loved and it shows in everything you say and show us here. Being a mom is a great adventure of the heart. *Thank you* for sharing all this with us.


  5. Wow, 4 months along and the nursery almost finished? You rock! My first child came a week early, which meant we hadn’t built the crib yet (c’mon, we had seven more days!!), which meant that for the first few weeks she slept in a dresser drawer we pulled out and lined with blankets. (And no, I’m not kidding!) I so admire your preparedness! 🙂


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