Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia- The Rolls-Royce of Baby Bouncers!

When it comes to baby products, I’m always on the hunt for something versatile, functional, and fun. Many baby products seem to excel in either versatility, form, or function, but not the Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia Italian import bouncer; it has it all!  This bouncer looks absolutely amazing, and then you try it out… and it is absolutely amazing! The Sdraietta Melodia is a one of a kind bouncer. Not only does it play music with surround sound speakers and have MP3 compatibility, it easily converts to a rocker from its stationary position and is adjustable for comfort with 2-position recline; it has a carrying handle and buckle closure; it folds for storage with a detachable toy bar and removable, padded seat; and it’s conducive to every situation, whether you are at home, going to a friend’s house, or even hitting the beach and taking advantage of the sun canopy. It may cost a bit more than the average baby seat, but that’s because it has so much more to offer.

Sdraietta Melodia is the most versatile bouncer on the market. The carrying handle and seat back each have three positions, and the leg rest has two positions. The seat goes from almost a straight line to a near right angle with lots of settings in between. The infant booster pad can also be removed once the baby gets bigger. The bouncer can be a great place to put the baby down to do work around the house, cook dinner, watch tv, and even take a shower. (Yes, moms need showers too.)

Another great thing about this infant seat is it is both a bouncer and a rocker. The frame allows the chair to gently rock or you can activate the non-rocking stabilizer that allows the seat to stay stationary but allows it to lightly bounce. Playing or needing to go down for a nap, the stationary base easily switches to a rocking mode and the adjustable backrest bestows contentment.

The seat is portable and perfect for everywhere use. It folds nearly flat for storage or transport. An adjustable, removable sun shade makes outdoor use a breeze and the breathable fabric seems comfortable, not hot or sticky.

Musical entertainment can be set to baby’s preferences. The seat has built in speakers located at the top of the chair for the baby to enjoy eight different programmed sounds, including four playful tunes such as This Old Man and four soothing tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Keeping up with technology, the bouncer was created to play personalized music from your own MP3 player. Just plug your MP3 into the speakers and your baby can listen to your favorite music. Plus, by using a MP3 player, you will have total volume control. I love that you don’t have to hear the same music over and over; we all know how redundant that can be when it comes to baby gear!

The Sdraietta Melodia also sports a toy bar that offers some visual stimulation. The toy bar, featuring five interactive noise-making toys, is adjustable and removable. There are three hanging toys: a crinkly butterfly, a cow that moos, and a flower that shakes. There are also two toy spinners on the sides of the bar. The toys can be easily detached for washing or providing a less stimulating environment.

The Sdraietta Melodia retails for $169, but for a bouncer and rocker with surround sound, a solid construction, a great canopy, and a fabulously trendy look, if you have the extra cash, it’s definitely worth it. With all these options, you really can’t go wrong!

You can connect with Peg Perego on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their latest technology!

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43 thoughts on “Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia- The Rolls-Royce of Baby Bouncers!

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  2. Wow! So baby bouncers have gone futuristic in the 21st century? It’s a far cry from what I’m used to seeing around here…and it’s a bit of a mouthful, lol. Thanks for the read 🙂


    • My family used Peg Perego products when I was a child, but I never had a bouncer/rocker seat like this. I really think it will help with daily activities around the house and even at the beach.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated.



  3. Firstly, thanks for the ‘like’ over at my place. Secondly, I am thinking of going out to buy one of those ‘thingamajigs’…well…do you think I could fit in it? Old age could be brilliant rocking away in one 🙂


    • I love it! It’s the perfect addition to my living room and I’ll even bring it into the bathroom while showering. It is one of my best finds to date.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated.



  4. I had their 1990 version of this, back in the day for my daughter… I’m glad to see they are basically the same device they were at the time, but so much nicer. This one looks much more functional than the one we had. BTW, thank you so much for liking my blog entry! It seems we have travel-lust in common. 😉 Babies… not so much, not anymore. But when and if I become a grandmother, I will look for this company again.


    • With over 60 years in business, many people remember using a similar product with their children and when they were younger.

      I can’t wait to see her smiling face when she hears the music and plays with the toys 🙂


  5. Thanks for sharing! I wish I had these when my kids were growing up but will suggest to my wife’s daycare folks who may want to get one of these. All we now need is and IPAD with it!!


  6. Wow that’s quite a bouncer! I had one for my little guy and it was a lifesaver the first four months. Mine was just a Fisher Price one and he outgrew it FAST (big babies do that :P) so we got another one for him that becomes a toddler rocker.

    The MP3 player is neat and I love how this one folds up. You find the neatest things!


  7. Keep in mind, though, that the only music your baby needs is your voice and the beat of your heart, the only movement your baby needs is the swaying of your body, and the only entertainment your baby needs is the view of your face from the vantage point of your arms. Babies thrive on the closeness of mother’s (or father’s) body to theirs (and research supports this). You can get all of this and the ease of nursing your baby hands-free with an inexpensive and portable cloth baby carrier (sling, mei tai, wrap-style carrier, soft-structured carrier, etc). This seems like a great product for those times when you can’t be holding your baby, but for the majority of the time, a baby carrier or Mom’s arms fit the bill better than anything. (And be warned that some babies, like my first, had no desire to be put down. Our bouncer got used maybe twice, but our baby carriers got a huge amount of use. Your local La Leche League or babywearing group is a great place to learn about the variety of baby carriers out there and even try some out before baby is born.)


    • I’ve already purchased a sling, a pouch, and a carrier 🙂 I just know that I will need some time to do things like shower, cook, and clean without the baby in my arms all the time. The bouncer is easy to carry and transport around the house and the perfect place to rest my precious princess while I’m folding laundry or washing dishes. I can’t wait to hold her closely in a sling and it was one of my first baby products.

      You can see my other reviews under Baby Products. 🙂


      • I went and saw the reviews of the carriers after I’d left this comment. I’d still recommend checking out La Leche League, though. I made great friends there and it really helped me when I got to trouble spots in my parenting journey (like sleep…). And like when I wanted to figure out how to wear my first on my back while I was making dinner or doing dishes. With my second, I even had to wear him in the shower (bought a water wrap for that) when he was teething. Poor guy wouldn’t let me put him down at all.


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  11. It was really nice to spot you after you liked my blog posting. It was so nice to read some of your blogging and know that I am not the only woman in the world who thinks its possible to both begin a family and CONTINUE the adventures I have planned on my bucket list. It was especially nice from minimalists point of view to read about this item because I don’t want a thousand items taking up every corner of our home to meet the baby’s every need. It’s nice to find multi-functioning items to keep the baby happy and comfy while keeping space open in our home. THANK YOU!! =)


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