A New Kind of Vacation – H Studio Salon, Mission Viejo, CA

Is it the atmosphere? The comfortable chairs? The lighting? The attention? The magazines? What is it about a good stylist that allows you to have a great experience with them and continue to use their services? What is it about a salon that you’ve visited that makes you look forward to going back? At H Studio Salon, in Mission Viejo, they pamper their clients, giving them a mini vacation from everyday life. For the last two years, I’ve cut, styled, and colored my own hair with acceptable success. A busy, active lifestyle allowed me to tie it up and go freely without putting much thought into style or products. I’ve since slowed down a little and at six months pregnant enjoy simple escapes from my daily routine. H Studio Salon helped me feel better about my ever-rounding pregnancy face, my substantially growing belly, and my less-than-flawless skin. They provided the ultimate salon experience with customer service as their top priority.

H Studio has a comfy waiting area, complimentary drink options on hand, and exceptional staff. They have a friendly, attractive, trendy receptionist that welcomed me promptly and with a smile. With a modern decor that was easy for the staff and clients to navigate through, they created a relaxing experience in a calm environment. These little things are what make a good salon GREAT!

The frist thing I noticed when I walked in was that the salon smelled like fresh air. It didn’t smell like a salon at all! H Studio employs a non-amonia process, which is great for me and other expecting moms. It was a wonderful experience to be able to breathe deeply and enjoy the clean air.

Most salon appointments last for over an hour, during which you’ll no doubt engage yourself in conversation, so developing a relationship with your stylist is important. The talented and experienced group of beauty and health professionals that call H Studio home are dedicated to delivering the best services. With years of experience and education, the professionals at H Studio know how to meet and exceed the needs and desires of their clients. My stylist, Keily Hopkins, was prepared and was happy to see me. She was educated, liscensed, and willing to listen to my concerns, wants, and needs. Keily spent a long time giving my dark brown hair the most beautifully natural lightened blonde highlights. It suited my skin tone perfectly and it looked natural.  She also cut my hair and although I was pretty vague about what I wanted, “just shorter and with some layers in the front”, she gave me a stylish, easily manageable cut.  I left the salon feeling better than when I went in and she made sure that happened.

H Studio Salon was founded in 2004 by Kevin and Heather Krohn and it’s obvious that recognizing customers comes first. They are constantly finding new and innovative ways to acknowledge and thank their customers. I received a welcoming email before entering the salon and after leaving. They also offer an Event Calendar as well as a Promotions section for their current and potential clientele on their website, and when referring a friend to H Studio Salon, you are ensuring a discount on your next visit. At the salon, they are both a joyful presence, treating everyone with dignity and respect. Heather’s positive smile and encouraging words to clients and staff radiated throughout the studio. She mingled with the clients and listened with a caring attitude. By using and offering only the highest quality products available in the world, they continually exceed customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is a direct reflection of the effectiveness of their organization.

Sure, a hair salon can meet all of the above criteria, but if it’s not affordable then what’s the point? You’ll be assured great value for your dollar at H Studio Salon; they work very hard to ensure that their guests are completely satisfied and with different price levels, everyone’s range is possible.

H Studio Salon has welcoming and prepared stylists, receptionists, and accompanying staff. It creates a relaxing, soothing, and intoxicating environment with educated, licensed, and experienced stylists. I left feeling relaxed, beautiful, and ready to book my next mini vacation.

22 thoughts on “A New Kind of Vacation – H Studio Salon, Mission Viejo, CA

  1. Nothing is as relaxing to me as going to a stylist that you know and trust and that you know will give you what you want. I love the ones where I can close my eyes and just enjoy the experience. Great blog.


  2. Isnt it great to find a gem like this? You will be a better mom when you feel better, whether its a great cut & color or just a nice afternoon. My last hair stylist did the most amazing scalp massage – it was worth the price just for that !


  3. I would go there too if I lived in your neck of the woods. I think finding my “dream” salon might well beome a life long ambition. ~~Bliss


  4. That sounds like a great place to visit when I finally make my way out there to visit my Husbands family. Having a day at the spa is the best when your pregnant. A friend of mine took me to get a pedicure a few weeks before I delivered and it was like heaven. Your hair looks GREAT!!! Have a great Christmas.


  5. Sometimes it’s just so hard to find a salon you like and trust the people. Moving only into a new area this year I’ve yet to find that salon. You’ve given this salon a wonderful review and sounds like they give you and their clientele the best service ever!


  6. Shame it’s so far, I’d give it a whirl. That doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied with my stylist, just that sometimes a change is as good as a rest – and you certainly seemed to have one there….. Love the new colour.


  7. Great customer service, attention to detail and keeping appointment times are just a few of the reasons I love my stylist/salon owner. If the appointment is set for 2 p.m, I am in the chair each time on time and out of there in less than 2 hours. Respect for my time is just as crucial as respect for hers!


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