Fine Dining on Flagship’s Dinner Dance Cruise, San Diego

The San Diego bay breeze, a great dinner menu, and the superb seascapes are just three of many reasons why Darren and I chose the Flagship Dinner & Dance Cruise around San Diego Bay. It was the perfect way to enjoy a meal and see San Diego from a different perspective.

Our romantic getaway to Coronado was matched perfectly while enjoying the cruise. Sailing around San Diego Bay and underneath the Coronado Bridge was breathtaking. From Harbor and Shelter Islands to the U.S. Navy shipyards, our Flagship Tour covered it all. We relaxed comfortably seated next to each other and watched San Diego from luxury seats.

Although the menu was limited, it offered a enough variety to meet anyone’s tastes. We started with mixed greens with julienned Granny Smith apples, sun dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles, and apple cider vinaigrette. It was served with fresh baked French bread and butter. Before the food even arrived, the fresh, baked bread smell filled the air and reminded me of being a child, waiting for my grandmother to take the hot, moist bread out of the oven. It tasted like home. For the entree, we both chose the slow oven-braised beef short rib paired with Dungeness Crab stuffed Pacific Snapper oven roasted and served with a lemon caper sauce. It was served with Chef’s medley of fresh seasonal vegetables and creamy mashed red potatoes. The dessert was a layer of rich New York style cheesecake topped with a layer of creamy chocolate mousse and decedent chocolate ganache.  I may be a McDonalds lover and have simple tastes, but the flavor, preparation, and presentation were all appreciated, and as a pregnant lady, I’ve become a connoisseur of great foods and desserts.

The DJ entertainment and dance were optional. Our location on the second floor gave us prime viewing with minimal distractions from the entertainment on the main floor. We were more interested in having a quiet conversation while taking in the spectacular views than dancing. Not that I don’t enjoy breaking out the dance moves, just refer to our Bahamas cruise, but I was happy to appreciate my husband and share my thoughts with him privately. 

The idea of romance comes alive while touring San Diego with Flagship. The luxury yacht, gourmet food, and excellent service left us in a state of nautical bliss. We enjoyed two and a half hours cruising aboard a fine vessel, featuring 25 scenic miles of San Diego’s magnificent skyline.

9 thoughts on “Fine Dining on Flagship’s Dinner Dance Cruise, San Diego

  1. Hi,
    What a fantastic night you both must of had. Lovely food, drink, and of course the best of company. I agree sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the sights and good conversation, and it looks like there was a lot to enjoy.


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