Soak up the Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Outdoor Enjoyment in a Desert Paradise – Palm Springs, California

Nestled at the base of the majestic Mount San Jacinto, Palm Springs is a world-famous resort destination. Ever since movie stars first appeared in Palm Springs in the 1930s, laying claim to ranch estates and enjoying fancy hotels, the clean, dry air and sunshine, all 360 days a year of it, has made Palm Springs irresistible. In search of a calm, relaxing, intimate hideaway, we found Sundance Villas. Tucked away in a secluded location, Sundance Villas provided an exquisite villa with complete privacy and luxury. With stunning natural beauty and lodging as unique as the destination, Palm Springs was an oasis in the desert.

We arrived on Friday to a personal pool and spa villa that featured 2-bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room with fireplace, an enclosed garage, a private sunning patio, a flat screen TV, and a gas BBQ. This uniquely decorated villa was impeccably maintained and had a Hollywood film industry feel.  Tennis was complimentary and rackets could be found at the front desk; pool towels and floats were provided. Although we didn’t take advantage of the additional features, a massage package was available where a therapist would come to your own private villa to give guests a massage.  We could swim in the private pool and follow up with a relaxing massage all without having to leave the privacy of our own Sundance villa. It was the lap of luxury.
Upon arrival, I opened the fridge to find an arrival-day “Brunch Bag” with seasonal fruit, pastries, bagels, juice, sparkling water, and freshly ground coffee, but it was the personal birthday surprise that won my heart for most attentive, thoughtful staff. Two specially wrapped cupcakes were found in a pink bakery box with candles delicately placed in ribbon atop the box. As a guest at any resort, I want more than just a room. The hotel industry is highly competitive, and to be successful, there should always be a focus on improving customer service. A treat in the refrigerator is a simple gesture that goes a long way, but a personal birthday gift was above and beyond. I casually spoke with a few other guests around the tennis courts and public pool to learn that arranging car rentals, tee-times, in-room massages, restaurant and theater reservations, tennis lessons, and day trips was a regular occurrence for the attentive front desk staff. The pride Ginny, our reservations manager and check-in agent, took in making our stay complete was customer service at its best.
We awoke on Saturday to a silence that we hadn’t experienced in over a year. I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up completely by my own volition. The absence of soccer whistles from the near by park in Laguna, the ever-annoying alarm clock, or cars zipping by on a main street was surreal. The only noise that I could hear as I opened my eyes was that of a few birds playing around the backyard. It was almost unnatural, which is ironic since it was nature that provided the quiet.

Our relaxation and peaceful serenity continued during our stay at Sundance Villas. Bagels and cream cheese along with an array of fruit and drinks were already stocked so we didn’t even need to leave the villa for breakfast. Everything we needed was already at our disposal. The warm morning sun filled the kitchen as we quietly enjoyed each others company and our fresh breakfast.

Between the private pool, hot tub, sauna, BBQ, TV,  massages, and lushes surrounding gardens, as well as the public pool and the tennis courts, a private, romantic weekend is possible without even leaving the Sundance Villas community. We were whisked to a place where time and everyday worries didn’t exist; work and troubles were gone and only the beauty of being together surrounded us.

17 thoughts on “Soak up the Perfect Blend of Relaxation and Outdoor Enjoyment in a Desert Paradise – Palm Springs, California

    • The heat can be overwhelming at times. I think it’s best to visit Palm Springs from November-February. It was amazing though and the privacy was a perfect pre-baby getaway.

      I love your photos in Travel Thursdays – Utah Part3– Bryce Canyon National Park. Breathtaking!



  1. Your description makes this seem like paradise and I am sure it is for most people. My “paradise” is some remote mountain top cabin with a trout lake. You have anything along those lines?


    • Have you ever been to California? With the same population as Canada, I thought I would never find such a quiet, relaxing getaway, but they certainly do exist all over the state.

      Thanks for reading,



    • Travel and adventure have shaped my life as much as family and friends. I make it a priority and do everything I can to accomplish it!

      I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on everyday needs. I don’t wear make-up, go to a hair salon, or eat expensive foods. My husband and I have normal cars that we’ve paid off and we live within our means when it comes to accommodations. I usually shop at second hand stores and I enjoy the search for a good bargain. Where we do splurge is with travel and adventure. We make it part of our life.



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