Blogging Gives You So Much More!

While searching the travel tags this evening, this is what a noticed:

Lesley Carter — Thank You

Yesterday’s post, Thanksgiving Rant, was my first post ever to get a “like” from another blogger. First thing I have done on any of my WordPressblogs since 2009 that got that small show of love.

So while it was a slow day at work today, like it has been the last week or so allowing me to start this unguided project, I logged in to see who the nice blogger was & what they had going on. That is where I found Lesley Carter.

If you have not visited Lesley’s blog yet, I recommend you do – soon. Not only is she a blogger that shares her life and reaches out to hear about yours, but she is simply inspirational.

I found myself pulling up her blog, Lesley Carter – Travel, Adventure and New Experiences, when the bosses weren’t looking of course.

In this one blog I found everything, well almost everything, which I have dreamed of doing and becoming.

I may have the tattoos that read, “Live each day like your last; Dream like you will live forever,” but Lesley is the one doing just that – sky divingbungee jumpingworld travels and so much more.

This is my long personal Thank You to Lesley Carter for sharing her story and living the life that she lives. I hope that the boy whom I have fallen in love with is half as adventurous as your husband. I hope that my life… job will allow me to travel and experience as you have. I envy your ability toembrace all and fear nothing. I wish that one day at least one of my blogs is as well structured, followed and updated as yours. You Lesley have got yourself not only a new fan and follower but also someone who finds youinspirational.

In three months, I’ve become linked to people from around the globe and, with Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve learned that there are beautiful people out there that can touch your heart, make your day, and bring tears of joy to your eyes.

The kindness of others continues to amaze and inspire me.

87 thoughts on “Blogging Gives You So Much More!

  1. I’d like to say thank you as well, I’m new to the blogging world and it’s great to meet people from all walks of life. I love the adventurous life you live, I travel lots too and know how amazing discovery is. If you ever these sides of Africa, let us know. Thanks once again and hope your pregnancy is going well.

    P.S Loving all the articles I have read so far.


    • It’s a matter of good tagging on your part. I read new blogs daily but I have a very limited search process. I look through the tags that relate to my life and select posts that look interesting. It’s as simple as that! You have beautiful photos that caught my attention 🙂


  2. Lesley, I totally agree with this post – you are the first person also to press the ‘like’ button on one of my posts. Although I just started a simple blog with the idea of keeping in touch with family, it has become a reminder of everything that’s important to us in our lives and our daily experiences. To know that others may be reading is awesome and I can’t thank you enough for appreciating something that mattered to me also. Your blog is inspirational, as others have said, you write so well – and from the heart. I have been a little shy to do so (that British ‘reserve’ I guess!) but your words may just make me a little braver! Thanks so much, good luck with your new arrival and safe travels.


    • I too struggle with completely honest writing. It’s hard to put yourself out there, especially if you have followers, but there is something so beautiful about it. I have created a life that makes me happy and sharing it with others reminds me to continuously remain thankful.

      Good luck with your blog and I’m sure I’ll stop by again.

      Happy Holidays,



  3. Hi Lesley! Like many of the other commenters here, just wanted to thank you for hitting “like” on my blog post, and to give you another bit of encouragement for a stupendous blog! I can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished in just a few months! Looking forward to reading more of your stuff and congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy as well =)


  4. I started my blog a few days ago, so imagine my glee when I found that you had ‘liked’ one of my posts. I’m not sure how you stumbled across me but thank you for being kind enough to show your enjoyment. I in turn have found your blog very inspiring and want to say thanks for sharing your life with us. I want to skydive or something in response!


  5. Just noticed your blog site after you liked ours. Thank you. We’re all amazed at all that you’ve achieved and you’ve inspired us to do, be and live more. It was only yesterday that we were asking ourselves if it was possible to actually LIVE the life that we all dream about rather than to just dream about it. After reading some of your blogs, clearly that answer is yes! We wish you all the best and we’ll be adding more on our blog site that will hopefully inform and inspire others as your has.


  6. Telling someone you like their work is a compliment given to them, this compliment is even more relevant because it comes from a total stranger who is not doing it to make you feel better or appreciated like a loved one might. This is only because they truly liked what you are doing. so I understand the little tribute you got up there, sometimes the lives we touch with a little gesture is way bigger than we imagine. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  7. Hi Lesley!I, too, am just a humble blogger who was touched by your simple click of a button.It was for my Cake Mix cookies of all things!I’m just a mom, trying to feed my family on the cheap and trying to help people learn how to do the same.Unfortunately, couponing blogs are a dime a dozen these days, so I tend to get lost in the shuffle!Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and for liking, so other people might see!I love what you write about over here and I think I might have felt a little envy creep in as well!Best of uck with your little one and please, do keep us posted!Thanks again:)


  8. It seems I am going to re-iterate the sentiment of this post and many of the comments… Thank you for being the first person to “Like” my brand-new baby blog! It does mean a lot 🙂 Your life seems fascinating! I look forward to reading about your adventures (especially as a new mama!)


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