Although I couldn’t possibly afford all organic clothing for my precious cargo due in March, I’d like to have some essential pieces that will be comfortable, cozy, and durable. When I found Puppy & Bean, I adored their cute saying and 100% organic materials. They sell adorable kids clothing with unique saying that reflect the true lives of children and a hint of humor for parents.

The toddler shirts are 100% pershrunk combed ringspun cotton and the onsies and youth shirts are 100% organic combed ringspun cotton. They have designs like “CATCH ME, IF YOU CAN” to reflect those kids that simply just want to run down the street and a personal favorite of mine, “PRODUCT OF: IMPERFECT PARENTING” because parents don’t have to be perfect. They also carry a few other branded items like tote bags, water bottles, mugs, and a signature shirt for women and men. Anyone who spends time with young children can relate to their simple, upbeat, and honest messages.

You can check out Puppy & Bean on Facebook or on their website. All of the Puppy & Bean products are designed by moms and inspired by the kids in their lives. Their goal? To inject a little humor in the lives of moms, grandmas, and caregivers alike. Their motto? Happy Moms = Happy Kids

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  1. Very cute 🙂 Yup, we’re imperfect, but if we can acknowledge the imperfections, and work toward correcting them, babies get a very “real” role model that can be a wealth for the rest of their lives. When are you due?


  2. Love the “Product of Imperfect Parenting” that would be a shirt that would not only work for kids, but for adults too 🙂 Imagine wearing it to a family gathering (my family has a great sense of humor and would get a kick out of it).


  3. ‘Change #20’ could also be good for a newborn or infant. I can’t even begin to count how often we needed to change their clothes in a day…..LOL
    BTW Leslie, thanks for liking my posts 🙂


  4. Here is the perfect travel blog! Its wonderful sharing.. I would love to keep reading! Well, I welcome you to India as your next travel destination! I would love to share adventures with you on your India tour!


    • Thanks for your kind words. Although I’ll wait until my daughter is old enough to remember it, I’ll definitely make it to India at some point.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated.

      Stay in touch,



  5. Too cute of a shirt. I got my wife a “Husband For Sale” shirt from ESPN. While she has gotten a lot of comments on it she has never received any offers. .unless it meant carrying luggage or buying some drinks..


  6. Wait….parents don’t have to be perfect ?

    It took me a good 12 months to figure that out when I first became a mellows out and adjusts the goals accordingly – now I’m all about raising a happy, balanced, naturally curious kid 🙂

    This link might be worth adding to the collection, though I’ve never shopped there (but maybe about to)


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