A Simple Design that Simply Works – PaciGrip by BooGinHead

Paci, pacifier, binky, soother… the baby pacifier is known by many names and beloved by many babies, but keeping track of them can be difficult. The PaciGrip by BooGinHead is a universal pacifier leash that is compatible with all types of pacifiers. It has some great features that set it apart from the competition.  It’s washable, durable, and non-toxic. With a strong clasp that won’t pull off, yet it is gentile on clothes, the PaciGrip is a simple design that simply works.

The first thing I like about this pacifier holder is the print options. The PaciGrip comes in a variety of girl, boy, or gender neutral options. Many new parents choose gender neutral products for nurseries and clothing. While everyone has a different style and unique ways of preparing for their delicate, beautiful, bundle of joy, we choose the all-out girly style. This will be my first child and I was ecstatic to find out that it was a girl! Her room and all of her surroundings are not gender neutral. We’ve filled our house with every shade of pink possible as well as frilly dresses and tutus. With 66 different prints, PaciGrip offers variation for even the most extreme color-specific parents.

I also like that the PaciGrip is universal in design. Since my baby girl is not here yet, we can’t predict which type of pacifier she’ll enjoy the most, but we’d still like to be prepared for any situation. The PaciGrip can loop through the holes in any pacifiers, making it functional no matter which brand of pacifier the baby prefers.

One of the best parts about the PaciGrip is the actual clip part itself. The PaciGrip is made out of washable and durable material with a clasp strong enough to hold against a child’s pull but gentle enough not to damage their clothing. One side of the clip had a loop so you can put the clip around any pacifier. To attach to pacifier, simply thread the cord through the pacifier to form a loop and attach the clip onto the baby’s clothing. It’s that simple!

The BooginHead PaciGrip is also very affordable at $5 each. Fashionable, functional, and affordable, the PaciGrip is well worth $5.

All BooginHead Products are Parent Invented, Award Winning, and thoroughly tested for safety.

To learn more about this great product, visit the BooginHead website or check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

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18 thoughts on “A Simple Design that Simply Works – PaciGrip by BooGinHead

  1. I have a couple of these types of things, and never once used them. Turns out, my kids aren’t pacifier kids at all. My son spit it out almost from the day he was born and my daughter used it for almost 3 months until she found her fingers to suck on. Now my son is a thumb-sucker and my daughter a finger-sucker. Every pacifier in our house has been packed away. You just never know what a baby is going to like until he/she is here!


  2. I lol’d at the ‘Pull to sound alarm’. My son was soooo attached to his pacifier. Well, I was, initially, but the dentist told me to retire it when he was three because of an ‘open bite’ that receded after the pacifier was gone. I worked on my son for a couple of months, telling him that he was a big boy now, and it was time to stop using the pacifier. I think that went over like a lead balloon, but eventually (last year, maybe?), he got used to not having it (and so did I). 😉

    I think it’s one of the best inventions ever, and it’s cool that they’ve come out with better and better versions (and bpa free, I’m sure!).


  3. Hahaha. That is quite a leap from skydiving, to …pacifiers. Not all babies like pacifiers and can shoot them at great speed across a room. My daughter loved hers, but it often became lost at inappropriate times and it would not/could not cure her colic. Others, like my son would not use his, preferring instead his trusty thumb. It never got lost and I never had to go crawling around under the bed in the middle of the night looking for it. Soon enough you will know which type of little one you have. Precious times ahead. Enjoy.



  4. Congrats on your little one!! Thanks for the “like” on my blog, and for taking the time to stop by, I’m very flattered. By the way, my sister has a 4 week old son, and as frantic as life is right now these PaciGrips have been a life saver!!! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Mommyhood, and wishing you all the best =D


  5. This is one of the brands we used too, and this is the one I liked better. It was easier to attach to clothes and most of the binkies we used were Advent, so this worked with them nicely. It’s great when they are so little and they drop or spit out the paci constantly. Also a wonder in the car and you have to reach in the back while driving to put the plug back in the jug 🙂


  6. Don’t buy too many ;-)! Some kids (for ex. mine) don’t take pacifiers. Load up on mandatory stuff (diapers, wipes, oncies, breast pads, etc.) and shop for the fun stuff after the lil’ angel arrives


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