Undercover Mama Camisole Giveaway – December 20th – Last Day

Having comfortable, breathable clothes is very important to me when I start breast feeding, but I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe just to nurse my baby. I believe nursing bras are a worthy investment and Undercover Mama can turn any shirt into a nursing shirt.

The Undercover Mama tank is a stylish and affordable alternative to an expensive nursing wardrobe.  It is stretchy, light-weight, soft, made of quality cotton fabric, and not too low cut for the modest mom. It also goes down over the hips, giving ample coverage over the sometimes troubling areas. Your Undercover Mama won’t bunch up, slide around, or ball up after washing. Simply pair your favorite top-opening nursing bra with an Undercover to make any shirt a nursing shirt! The design is simple.  Just hook it to your nursing bra and you have a modest way to breastfeed.

Undercover Mama suggests getting a snug fit so it stays up and is comfortable all around and it comes in an array of colors to match your style. (I chose pink to go with most of the baby clothes).

Would you like to win your own Undercover Mama? You can use it yourself or give it as the perfect baby shower gift. (Worth $24.99)

There are a few ways you can enter (For each category you complete, you will receive one entry):
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The winner will be chosen at random on December 20th and contacted that day via wordpress.com or personal email if you prefer to include your email in your comment. 

92 thoughts on “Undercover Mama Camisole Giveaway – December 20th – Last Day

  1. I was a very persistent nurser with both girls (no bottles and no supplementing for the first 6 months), and after about 2 months of nursing Thing One I completely abandoned nursing bras as too much fuss. Once we were through the first few weeks of getting used to each other, I could get a no underwire bra out of the way and baby latched on in a matter of moments, showing very little skin – far less than when I was messing about with snaps, velcro, or whatever. Didn’t even own one for Thing Two.

    These shirts are therefore, IMHO, pretty awesome.


  2. Great concept. I wish these babies were available when I was breast feeding my kids! It would’ve made the first few months (when I felt like a human cow) soooo much easier. Although thanks to all of the practice, I did get really good at breast feeding in regular non-nursing clothing.

    Nice to meet you!


  3. Love this idea! I wish I’d known more about it before when I was nursing my kids. Thanks for finding my blog, Leslie – it led me to discover yours and yours is amazing! I will definitely be back!


  4. I just “liked” your post. I love this nursing tank top idea. I wish I would have found something like this when I was nursing. What a great idea!

    And I love your blog, by the way. 🙂


  5. I checked out your blog after you liked mine, thanks. Random question? What part of Cali are you in? My hubby and I will be in LA for a quick trip in Dec w an overnight stay in Huntington Beach.
    I did a mission trip called the World Race and that launched two years of travle fwas able to visit


    • Hmmm, sorry, my iPhone jumbled my last comment. Anyway, I visited over 14 countries! Amazing. But lately finances and life has changed things a bit. I’m curious, do u have any ideas for a budget bucket list! I would love to fly to Italy etc this year, but not gonna happen!!! 🙂


  6. Haha, I like the part “Not too low cut for the modest mom. Some times i find the feeding moms reveal too much in public and of course they could have all the right to do so. Once the breast are filled with milk, they think they are no sexual icon anymore but breeding machine. However, some times I wonder if they are secretly exhibitionists (of their motherhood). :p


  7. First of all, thanks for the “like” on my post. It’s always fun to discover new great blogs. This would have been great to have this morning at our music class when my two year old pulled the blanket from over my nursing 3 week son, exclaiming, “TA DA!” 🙂


  8. I follow you on facebook, I liked Undercover Mama, I liked this post and I do subscribe to your blog. What a neat idea! I like it! I do have a few nursing bra, they were an after thought because my son decided he would come 7 weeks early……But I know that I’d love to have something instead of camisoles that I have to pull up to nurse him.


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