Belabumbum – Growing More Beautiful During and After Pregnancy

It’s the combination of values and creative, feminine styles that make Belabumbum a fantastic maternity line with some of the largest maternity websites and retailers in the United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Belabumbum was founded in 2001 by two college friends, Alyssa Weiss and Heidi Rauch, who encourage well-being, laughter, and creativity. They believe that women grow more beautiful during pregnancy and their maternity line encourages women to feel pampered, sexy, and hip during and after pregnancy.

Belabumbum works with socially conscious manufacturers in South America to ensure excellent working conditions and job security. They have contributed to countless health and well-being related events and organizations and in 2007, Belabumbum launched its Green line, with eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo and organic fruit-dyed cottons.

Their Before & After Ruffle Dress is the perfect “wear anywhere” basic dress. You can cuddle up at night or throw on a cardigan and take it out on the town! With underbust nursing access, ruffle detail at the bottom, lace trim at the bust, and viscose material, the Before & After Ruffle Dress can be worn before and after the baby is born.

Since trying on the Before & After Ruffle Dress, I don’t want to wear anything else around the house. Gone are the days of wearing jogging pants or even maternity jeans. My ever-growing belly just doesn’t fit comfortably anymore. I love the soft material of the dress and I’m certain that it will continue to fit nicely during the rest of my pregnancy. After the baby is born, the easy underbust nursing access will feel like a Godsend.

Celebrating women’s evolving and enduring beauty is Belabumbum. Belabumbum’s confections are essential, fashion forward pieces ranging from intimates to maternity. They offer affordable luxuries that make you feel great and inspire your everyday pretty.

You can check out their other styles on their website or join them on Facebook.

18 thoughts on “Belabumbum – Growing More Beautiful During and After Pregnancy

  1. Thanks for the recent like on my Planned Parenthood post! It’s awesome to see women standing up and supporting such an awesome cause.


  2. I have been enjoying your wonderful adventure photos! How awe inspiring, although I just cannot get over my fear of heights to even attempt some of the things you’ve done. I’m excited to see what the next step of your journey brings with a baby on the way! I’ve seen so many parents carrying their babies in baby backpacks hiking up mountain trails and I always think, “I hope that’s me someday!”


  3. Lesley, you are a constant resource of joyful, can do attitude. Your baby definitely picked the right parents. Life is a rich adventure and part of the adventure is learning to embrace all of life experiences, in whatever form it shows up. You are one of my heroes. I love reading your blog posts.


    • Daily, I am reminded that there are some amazing, thoughtful people in this world and I’ve found a lot of them through blogging. Thank you for the kind words.

      I can’t wait to experience new countries, cultures, and adventures with my daughter, and my husband, at my side.

      Stay tuned,



  4. REALLY like these styles, colors, and fabrics. Too bad I am post-menopausal, right? Anyway, I have no hesitation about receommending Belabumbum to any and all expectant mother’s I happen to encounter. Happy tum-tum days, as my daughter used to say patting my very LARGE abdomen when expecting her younger brother!


  5. I wish I’d had a before and after dress instead of the dowdy jumpers we wore. It’s great to see pregnancy celebrated and such cool clothes available. Also loved the post on Belabumbum about winter solistice. Great time to vision what you want for the year and cast away what no longer serves you.


  6. Terrific design–the Belabumbum dress looks comfortable and practical. It’s a hilarious name–I’d love to hear the story behind it.


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