Baby Wearing Mom with the Balboa Baby Sling

Athena is a beautiful, precious baby that loves to be close to me at all times. Although I can’t complain about her comfort in my arms, sometimes I need a free hand to function normally during the day. I started using a front baby carrier and it has given me the freedom that I needed while still providing the closeness that we both desired. As Athena gets larger, though, this specific carrier will not support the extra weight. Switching to the Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling seems to be the next step.

I have the chocolate brown sling that is beautiful in both design and comfort. The material is soft inside and out, making it comfortable for both Athena and I; yet, it’s still machine washable for inevitable baby messes.

One of my favorite features of the sling is that it has a fabulous contoured, padded strap that evenly distributes the baby’s weight and is comfortable to wear. Plus, the two heavy duty rings allow it to be adjusted for use by either parent regardless of size. I found that it is no problem to adjust it for a perfect fit.

Another enjoyable feature is the large, deep pocket that baby rides in. The Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling pocket allows even larger babies to ride comfortably making the sling usable longer.

The opening of the pocket has a padded, elastic trim so getting the baby in and out is made simple. Although I love the closeness that a wrap provides, I prefer the maneuverability of the sling.

This sling has a few limitations since I don’t feel comfortable wearing Athena in it as a newborn, but overall I think it’s a nice choice, particularly if you’re new to babywearing and want a sling that’s easy to use. You don’t need to learn any fancy elaborate tying methods to use the Balboa Baby Sling. You simply put the shoulder portion over your head and onto your shoulder, slip baby into the deep pocket in front of you, and pull the adjuster tail until the sling is snug and comfortable.

It’s hard to believe that Athena is over a month old already and I’m considering other carrying methods for the near feature because she’s getting heavy; I feel like she’s only a week old. (Maybe not when I think about how tired I am or how little sleep I’ve gotten over the last month.) Before long, she’ll be learning to walk!

If you would like to be a baby-wearing-mom, you should check out the Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling.

10 thoughts on “Baby Wearing Mom with the Balboa Baby Sling

  1. What a great sling!! The ‘cuddle’ and ‘hip carrier’ styles look very natural! This is so much better than the one I used (in 1985!!) – and easier to get into for you!!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just wanted to say that I too love using a baby sling during the day. Don’t know how I’d manage without it!
    Also, I see you’ve travelled throughout Canada but haven’t yet been to BC. If you ever need bucket list ideas for this beautiful province I call home, I’d be happy to provide suggestions!


  3. so happy to hear you and your baby are doing well! that’s wonderful! that bond between you and your baby will never leave you. lots of good wishes to you and Athena – what a beautiful name!


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