Window to Paradise – Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Los Cabos, Mexico

 Featured Writer: Susan Edel

Have you ever stayed at a resort that completely changed the game for you? A resort where the accommodations are gorgeous, the amenities are rich and the service is impeccable. The turning point when you knew that those economy motels will never be good enough for you again. For me, that resort was Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Los Cabos, Mexico. As the name implies, it truly is a window to Paradise. As one of the most acclaimed resorts ever, Las Ventanas has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality.

The property is a small to mid size resort designed to blend into the natural, surrounding landscape. The beauty is in its simplicity. Situated on the corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, it’s in an ideal location for peace, quiet and tranquility. A good reason why they attract such a celebrity crowd.

I’d like to say they had me at “Hola” but in this case it was when they handed me a cold welcome margarita shot. As I scanned the entrance for the lobby desk, I am greeted by a concierge informing me that I will be escorted to my room where I will be checked in privately. Say what? No lobby desk, no line to stand in? Fine with me.

As we approach the room, I am enchanted by the hand carved wood entrance door leading in to our personal paradise for the next 10 days. The door swings open and I am immediately greeted with the sight of delicious munchies and a quaint bottle of tequila. My eyes then divert toward the main room which is adorned with subtle and tasteful Mexican decor from the tiled floor, fireplace and mosaic headboard to the hand-crafted furniture pieces. There are ceiling to floor window panels that open the expanse of the room to reveal a glorious indoor/outdoor living area with stunning views of the sparkling Sea of Cortez along with our own whirlpool. At this point, I can barely contain my excitement and all I want to do is get checked in so I can dig into my munchies, take a shot of tequila and hop in the pool. Oh, and did I mention that we had a roof-top deck equipped with a telescope for star gazing?

The resort offers all the amenities of its larger counterparts – a holistic, world-class spa; infinity pool with swim-up bar with several satellite pools scattered throughout the property; shopping; along with numerous dining options from casual fare to their award-winning Baja-Mediterranean cuisine at “The Restaurant”. I could go into every little detail of what we did throughout the trip but suffice it to say, we spent the days lounging by the pool being pampered by the cabana staff with towels, pillows, buckets with ice/water, Evian spritzers and afternoon snacks. We did break for a spa treatment or two and rented a Mini-Cooper one day to go into town. The hotel also arranged for us to take a private guided kayak trip to the famous El Arco de Cabo San Lucas where we experienced some great snorkeling.

So far, this is all sounding wonderful, right? Yet, let me just say, that none of the above is why this resort has my undying devotion. As true as “location, location, location” is to real estate, is what “service, service, service” is to the hotel industry and you do not become one of the most acclaimed resorts ever without providing superior service.

This resorts stands head and shoulders above any resort I have ever been to when it comes to service and amenities offered. It seemed as though my every need was anticipated before I even realized what I wanted. This resort will spoil you rotten….and I have yet to mention the “Department of Romance”.

Yes, you heard me correctly, Las Ventanas has a Department of Romance. Do you want a private dinner on the beach under canopied gazebos, bon fire party with friends, or how about watching movies or sleeping under the stars? Just pick up the phone and call the Romance Department. In truth, anything you can dream up, they will make it happen because your satisfaction is their goal.

If you are looking for a true luxury experience at a beautiful resort with unsurpassed service, look no further than Las Ventanas al Paraiso. But let me warn you, once you peer into that “window to paradise”, there’s no going back!

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41 thoughts on “Window to Paradise – Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Los Cabos, Mexico

  1. Years ago I was doing story research for Sunset Magazine and traveled to Cabo with one of the editors. At that time there were not the numerous, upscale resorts which dot the area today. Enjoyed your piece – keep us informed.


  2. What a great community. I have a dream to travel to different places. This is a way to give me practical information to make my trip planning easier. Thank you Leslie and contributing bloggers. When I make my next trek to the Mendocino area to interview a Docent , Kevin Williams and his Docent dog, Dillon for my show. I will send this to you.


    • Thank you!

      I think that the blog numbers are a combination of things…

      I post daily travel and adventure articles and the travel tag is the most popular tag on wordpress. I also spend a couple of hours a day reading, liking, and commenting on other blogs; after all, blogging is a social network.

      I find pictures are a big draw for other readers and I include as many as possible.

      Tagging is important because it’s the main link to other wordpress readers.

      Other than that, I don’t really have an answer.

      I just do it because I love it and it seems to be working out.

      Good luck with your blog,



  3. Your own star azing equipment?? You had me at thy one, oh no wait, you had me at the munchies and the tequila bottle haha
    Would love to go there!


  4. Romance Department? Me and Hubby have to go there! Everything looks beautiful! oh my country my country! It makes me want to go back to Mexico Lindo y Querido! Great post! ….

    Also… Lesley … I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and liking some of my posts! 🙂 …

    The Thin Lady Inside


  5. Oh gosh, it’s cold and snowing here in Indiana – beam me there right now! Enjoyed the post – Making a note of this property on our next visit


  6. Yet I recently received a poor report about a holiday in Mexico, where it was said everything was so commercialised and ‘in your face’ – though the hotel was found to be very clean. Your experience was very good though.


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  9. I am left wondering just one thing after this rave review here: “What have I done for the needy today?” I KNOW I deserve some good things in this life. I just want other people to have them, too!


  10. I feel rejuvenated just reading this post!

    Luxury of the understated kind (rather than the conspicous kind) isn’t as easy to pull off as it looks. I might need a lottery win to actually visit this resort but none the less Las Ventanas is bookmarked for an upcoming anniversary 😉


  11. I went to Cabo 2 years ago. Thats was an amazing adventure for me and my husband. Cabo and Cancun are the most lovely places that i knew around the world.. Thanks for share this article and remind me about it.


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