Bucket List Publications – Accepting Submissions!

With 279,104 hits and 7,783 followers in less than 6 months, I’ve decided to start outsourcing some of my posts and I’m accepting submissions!

Submit your travel posts and bucket list adventures along with photography to Bucket List Publications at [email protected]. All authors/photographers whose articles are chosen for publication will receive publication at lesleycarter.wordpress.com, a link to their blog, and a link on my Facebook page Lesley Carter –  http://www.facebook.com/LesleyCarterBlog.

lesleycarter.wordpress.com has an average of 80,000 views a month, 7,703 followers, and around 3000 readers a day!

Please submit articles on the following subjects:

Travel Adventures 

Extreme Adventures 

Top Tourist Destinations 

Bucket List Adventures

Articles should include at least 3 pictures and up to 10. Pictures should be sent as jpeg attachments rather than embedded in a word file. Maximum size per email is 10mb so if you’re sending many large photos you can use multiple emails.

Your submissions do not need to be original posts. You can submit already published works as long as they are your own content. I do ask that all submissions are in Microsoft Word format and all photos are sent as jpeg attachments.

Remember to include your name and a link to your blog at the bottom of the text. 

Send submissions to [email protected].

I’ll start posting submissions on Friday, January 20th, 2012 and post regularly.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your Bucket List Publications!

84 thoughts on “Bucket List Publications – Accepting Submissions!

    • I have daily requests for link backs and blog sharing so I just figured this was the best way to go about it. I post daily anyway so why not add some other amazing Bucket List and travel stories.



  1. Hi Lesley, This is great, definitely something I’d be interested in, thanks! One question though, would you accept stuff we’ve already posted on our own blogs?



  2. I’m in. I have a few items that I’ll be crossing off my list in February (and I’m stoked about it), so I’ll pass those on when they are complete.

    Do you want original posts? That is, do you want stuff that differs from what is on my own blog, or can I write something for my blog and then send that to you as well (I guess a “re-post”)? Either way – awesome idea.


  3. Thank you for the “Like” I absolutely love your blog!!! I intend on adding it right away to my blog list and sharing it with a few friends who I know will love it. I will CERTAINLY be submitting to this, what an awesome idea and a great way to share your success!! Looking forward to reading your updates, now its time to read more old posts!


  4. Hi Lesley,
    I’m in for it…in fact i’ve one post on it’s way….just waiting for the actual event to happen…you can say it’s my first adventure…so just want to know what’s the last date of submission?


  5. I love this. I don’t think that I have ever thought to take pictures of my mini adventures, well, I did have some taken while in Gulf Shores, Alabama last May and I think also when I went to Fiesta, Texas to Six Flags, umm!!! I am going to see if I can find them.


  6. Well, I have a bucket list adventure that took me Wisconsin of all places! I will write about it and get it to you…great idea and congrats on being so successful 🙂


  7. So cool! Your blog is such an inspiration. I’ve never really been into extremes, athletically, but I do LOVE to travel, and I’ve been making an effort to step outside of my comfort zone lately. I’ve also been mulling over putting together a bucket list, so this gives me a reason to add some things that will be a challenge. I’m glad you stopped by my little blog so I had a chance to check out your big (awesome, amazing, breathtaking) one 🙂


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. Twice. Good idea – i just had an interesting zip-lining adventure (among many others), with my husband (he still doesn’t believe i actually done this). I think i might submit it to you.
    Now, with your new baby addition – it requires its own adventure. It’s unique. Besides, kids get you to do things you never thought you would. Mine do.
    Good luck and mazel tov


  9. Wow, Lesley. It’s incredible how successful your blog has become in just five months!! That’s terrific. I’ll be sure to keep the Bucket List Publications opportunity in mind and send submissions your way. Best of luck with this! I’m sure you’ll receive some amazing pieces.



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