Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #10 London – United Kingdom

Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited

With 33 countries under my belt, I’ve experienced some of the most amazing cities that the world has to offer. From great beaches, climate, friendly people, personal interests, world-famous attractions, architecture, history and culture, there are many different factors that make a city great, let alone top ten!

So… here goes.

#10. London – United Kingdom

Legendary fog isn’t enough to keep Londontown out of the tourist limelight. London is the 2nd most visited city in the world with estimated 14.8 million visitors a year.

Someone once said that when you get tired of London, you got tired of life. Life in London simply never ends.

With sights like London Eye, Hyde Park, and Big Ben, the city is an “eye” opening experience.

Attractions like the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Globe Theatre, and Buckingham Palace showcase both a rich heritage and a devotion to tradition.

London was one of the most exciting cities to explore. We, like most other tourists, got lost repeatedly, which made it all the more thrilling. With black cabs and double-deckers at every turn, as well as the underground system that whisked us from downtown to a cheaper hostel district, we were never left stranded.

You only need to drive through Britain’s fair capital to soak up its rich cultural heritage; from imposing architecture such Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, the city’s past is etched into its grand facade. But it isn’t all about buildings! History is in its cobbled streets, its city-center parks, its theaters, galleries and monuments, and its diverse mix of people. London found its way into the top ten cities that I’ve visited.

159 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #10 London – United Kingdom

  1. Agreed London is an awesome city to visit! My favourite place was the township of York. Went to a place called Betty’s for afternoon tea and traditinal english fare. Never had Beef Wellington until I visited there : )


    • I have to admit, I didn’t take advantage of the unique food available in London. It was the first and last city visited during my backpacking trip around Europe so I was concerned about money during both visits.

      I hope to return someday with my daughter, and my husband, at my side.



    • Yes Betty’s is very nice, but York is not a township, it’s a city with a very important cathedral. the Archbishop of York is the second most senior clergyman in the Church of England.


  2. I see you haven’t ventured to the top of Africa. You have some real suprises coming when you get beyone the Americas and Europe.

    Johannesburg, the busy city, Cape Town more relaxed, Durban sub-tropical splendour! All of them with such a mix of cultures and people.

    and then one day you must plan for Hong Kong – so very alive and busy. Lots to see and experience.


  3. I went to London many,many, many moons ago.
    I was on my own.
    I found it fascinating but scary to a country bumpkin.
    Would love to go again but not alone.
    Have you been to Cape Town?


  4. I went to London back in 2009 and loved it so much, I went back again six months later! It’s easily one of my favorite cities out there.


  5. I wasn’t at all interested in history until I visited London. Especially the Tower of London, just amazing and the Beef Eaters are such incredible story tellers, it was just magnificent.


  6. I’m going to London in February to attend some “camp fairs” for our business. 3rd time there. Unfortunately my husband won’t be with me! 😦


  7. London? Where nobody will look each other in the eye?

    I like London enough for a weekend break, a chance to see a show and marvel at some of the rather tall but pretty buildings, I like the British Museum best as I can spend hours lost, but as if in a different world. The V&A is good too. However, I disagree that once you’re tired of London you’re tired of life. I’m always eventually greatful that I don’t have to stay there too long.


    • I’m always sad to leave… You can focus on the impersonality of such a huge (British) city, but there’s so much community in London too – it’s amazing place to see, every time I go.


  8. Great post! I was in London when I was 16 for only 2.5 days; I remember The Eye, Trifalgar Square, the Buckingham Palace and others.. took the Thames boat tour which was lovely. I went to the Tate Gallery as well- you didn’t mention that! GREAT museum. A must.

    Now that I live in France it seems so close by (because it is LOL); I have some new friends from England who are always jetting there. I hope to go back soon; but not in winter!

    Now that I have some more free time, I finally add some news posts from traveling I’ve done within the past 2 months: Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Camargue, Skiing in the Alps, ETC. that I bet you’ll enjoy!


  9. You’re absolutely right! London IS a fantastic city. I was born in England; but, live in Texas. For some reason I never blog about the place where I was born. As usual… You have once again inspired me. Great post!


  10. Thank you for liking my blog post ‘Cut off’.
    The photos on your site are terrific, have just looked at the London ones and they are very atmospheric.
    I saw that you went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I was there too, in 2011, there are photos in several blog entries, see the archive for March 2011. The posts are about coffee, Fair Trade, volcanoes and health tourism. However your photos are more professional than mine!


  11. I agree: London is fab! And I find it even more fun when one is done with the most famous tourist places. Great photos too. Will definitely follow to se what the 9 other cities are. 33 countries – that’s impressive.


  12. Winter is a great time to visit London, if you enjoy indoor events. Fabulous museums (I “got lost” in the British Museum when I was 12… no really, I got annoyed with my mother and “disappeared” in the Egyptian and Persian rooms, to be found near the two massive Lion gates). You can also get some good airfare-hotel deals in Winter. One year, my mother and I (yes, I travel with my parents!) spent a week together in London just to go to the theatre. We saw 8 shows in that week. Must get back some day.


  13. Hey Lesley! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am hoping to do a big trip within the next 1-2 years, so will definitely be coming back to your blog for some inspiration! Great pics and write up of London!! 😀


  14. Great post about London! This was also one of my favourite cities during my Euro-travel days 🙂 I think my top city would have to be Rome, although London would be a close second. There was just something so magical about Rome in the evening – then again, it was our first night on our honeymoon…. 😉


  15. I love London. I went there a few years ago. I only stayed for two days, and I haven’t had a chance to cover most of what the city has to offer. I definitely want to go back. Looking at your photos reminds me of my own London trip. 🙂


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