Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #9 Paris, France

Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited

I’ve experienced some of the most amazing cities that the world has to offer. From great beaches, climate, friendly people, personal interests, world-famous attractions, architecture, history and culture, there are many different factors that make a city great, let alone top ten!

#9 Paris – France

Paris is the most visited city in the world with an estimated 15.6 million visitors a year. 

Paris is one of the first cities that comes to the mind of every traveler when talking about visiting Europe. It’s full of stunning architecture, old churches, romantic cafes, spectacular monuments, art galleries, and some of the most awe-inspiring castles in France.

The Louvre, originally a palace but now one of the largest and most visited museums in the world, was a must-visit destination in Paris. We viewed every inch of the museum from European paintings and sculptures to Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and Oriental art. There was even a section with “Objects d’ Art” where objects such as clocks, furniture, china and tapestries were displayed. Some of the most famous works of art that we visited were the Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrake, the Dying Slave by Michelangelo, and of course Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Although it’s not the largest cathedral in the world, Notre Dame certainly is one of the most famous of all cathedrals. The Gothic masterpiece is located on the Île de la Cité, a small island in the heart of the city and walking distance, albeit far, from the Louvre. Its stunning Gothic pillars, dramatic towers, spire, stained glass, and statuary took my breath away and climbing the North tower to get a gargoyle’s perspective of Paris brought me into Victor Hugo’s immortalized world.

We couldn’t possibly visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. We chose to walk the 695 steps to the second floor and enjoy the view along the way as well as from above. Taking the steps is not for the feint hearted, as the actual count of stairs includes 9 steps to the ticket booth at the base of the Eiffel Tower, 328 steps to the first level, 340 steps to the second level, and 18 steps to the lift platform on the second level. When I reached the second level, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy that was accompanied by a spectacular, worthy view.  Watching the sun set from atop Paris was a life-lasting memory.

The 164-foot Arc de Triomphe does exactly what it was made to do: evoke sheer military
power and triumph. As our last stopping point during our stay in Paris, we couldn’t help but let the grandeur and magnitude consume our emotions and elicit a sense of achievement.

The museums and churches offered a healthy dose of culture and history and the breathtaking sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre offered unmatched beauty at new heights. It’s easy to see how Paris, France is one of my favorite cities in the world.

Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #10 London – United Kingdom

169 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #9 Paris, France

  1. i went to Paris in November for my 21st birthday, I can’t wait to go back again, especially to do all of the Louvre, as there was no way I could do it all in the 3 hours I was there!


  2. That all is definitely Paris. It even gets better when you start wandering around with people from Paris. Exploring the less touristy corners…


  3. I’m snowed in here in NY, I started to feel caged I came to visit your blog and you took me to Paris . I love to travel so I started off doing the Caribbean’s I’ve been to 24 Islands . I was thinking about going to Dubai as my first overseas trip. Because of your breath taking pictures and thrilling narration my next trip is going to be Paris. Also Lesley your life and personality is contagious, can you tell me what is a good camera to start off with to begin photography?


  4. Standing on top of the Arc de Triomphe and looking at the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night is one of the best things ever. You know, tour guides in Paris should throw away their documents and just use this blog post to describe the awesomeness that Paris exudes.


  5. These photos are fabulous! I loved Paris and every inch of its beauty from the cobblestone streets to the metro signs and of course all of the beautiful landmarks.


    • My husband and I were talking about Paris last night and I was wondering the same thing… is Paris overrated? After thinking about all of the experiences I had there, I had to include it on my list. Regardless of some rat-infested shops and some very rude people, I still was in awe while standing before the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.



      • Personally, I think it’s practically impossible to overrate Paris. We’ve been their about 10 times, and though the Euro has spoiled some of the charm of doing business, it’s still the grand city by the Seine. There are rude people in every major city – with lots of reasons to be rude. We speak some French and found most people warm, inviting, helpful and fun to chat with. We love the connection across the centuries and the way art and style pervades every aspect of life. I love to buy food and cook in Paris – it’s like living there.


  6. I went to Paris years ago. I rented a motor scooter at the bank and drove around like I owned the city. I look forward to going back to Florida and finding my old photos.
    Your blog always brings up many memories for me.


  7. Loved this post, and loved Paris. Especially the left bank. Now I want to go again. Can’t wait to see what you post as number one…..hope it’s Rome or Venice. They share joint positions as my number one.


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  9. I’m happy you enjoyed your visit to Paris! When I visited last year, I didn’t get a chance to do any tourist things – unless you count taking pictures of the Moulin Rouge and getting lost in Little Africa! LOL. Looking forward to reading about your other visits 🙂


  10. I love Paris, but we don’t do the “touristy” things…we’ve been 3 times and never have visited the Louvre. It’s just too busy, too touristy. We visit the smaller museums and independent galleries. We also stay in an apartment when we are there, which give a different feel. Mostly we just hang out in cafes and watch the people. We always rent the bike too. We’ll be back there in March for a few days.


  11. Okay…I am planning a month long trip to Europe and at first I was anti-Paris. I guess because I’m not in a relationship, so I’m kinda being a little hater-girl. Slowly, I’m starting to get the impression that I should go to Paris. I don’t know, I’ve alway imagine myself going when I’m in love. *sigh* I don’t know what to do.


  12. I live in Paris and next weekend I’m going to London (because of your blog). Glad you prefer Paris. I wonder how Paris can be the most visited city with the worst airport in the world.
    Someone thought it’s an overrated city. I’d say some touristy spots are overrated like the Eiffel tower but not the Louvre and there are many more places tourists don’t know like rue Mouffetard. ‘When you’re tired of Paris, you’re tired of life’. 🙂
    I hope your “top 10 favorite cities visited” will include Asia. As for me some Asian cities are in my “top 10”


  13. Paris is one of my favourite cities – you eat well, it’s easily walkable, lots of iconic monuments around the corner and also can be done on the cheap if you know how to. I’ve seen a lot of it, but there’s always more!


  14. Though, when I was there, some years ago, you had to ‘watch your back when driving’ – in fact this problem was far worse in the south of France where a visiting, policeman neighbour was killed walking across a zebra (pedestrian road) crossing! Perhaps it is safer now..


  15. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! A nice prospect for my two days stay in Paris – 15th district, for my work – near the Eiffel Tower. Tomorrow morning I will arrive in Paris at the North Station by High Speed Train (TGV).


    • Update: Back home from my two days trip. Monday evening after diner near Metro station Dupleix, three colleagues and I visited the Eiffel Tower. At 22.30 p.m. the top view was already closed for visitors, but we had a marvellous view from the second balcony over “La Ville-Lumière” (or “The Illuminated City”). Glad I read your post on beforehand, otherwise I might have skipped this visit in the evening. Thanks for your post!


  16. I’m a Canadian/French citizen and often travel back to France. One of the best things about Paris is the ability to walk everywhere and discover gems never mentioned in any guide books. Stroll along the Seine, pick up an ancient Parisian guide, even if it’s not in your language and follow the maps. You’ll stumble on the true beauty of this city. One of my faves are the streets lining and branching off from the Canal St. Martin.


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