Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #8 Las Vegas, United States of America

Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited

With 33 countries under my belt, I’ve experienced some of the most amazing cities that the world has to offer. From great beaches, climate, friendly people, personal interests, world-famous attractions, architecture, history and culture, there are many different factors that make a city great, let alone top ten!

#8 – Las Vegas – United States of America

While Paris may hold the official title, the City of Lights is better represented by America’s Playground, Las Vegas. This notorious destination offers visitors every opportunity to make it or break it, beckoning them with pulsating neon and the chance to win big, not to mention plenty of great restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping venues where you can proudly flaunt your winnings. The weird thing is… it is none of these things that make Vegas part of my top ten cities in the world. With legendary remnants from around the globe, the most luxurious resorts, unbelievable shows and entertainment, and endless new adventures, Las Vegas has made my top ten.

Las Vegas has reinvented itself many times over the years. The 1990s were the heyday of the themed resort in Vegas, which resulted in a building boom of megaresorts modeled after famous places and monuments. Replicas of world-famous landmarks, statues, and buildings popped up all over the Strip including the pyramid-shaped Luxor, the Big Apple knockoff New York-New York and the French-themed Paris Las Vegas. With Vegas’ take on spots like the canals of Venice and the Eiffel Tower, you don’t have to travel halfway around the globe to see some of the world’s most famous landmarks. They might not be the real thing, but sometimes they’re so close you can hardly tell the difference.

The Grand Canal Eiffel Tower The Colosseum Statue of Liberty Trevi Fountain  The largest 5 Diamond resort in the world, The Venetian & The Palazzo, is in the heart of Las Vegas. With spectacular suites, top shows, exquisite dining, and an abundance of amenities, The Venetian & The Palazzo Resort offers it all; it is a center piece, a piece de resistance, for Vegas. During our four night stay, we were able to experience all that Vegas is known for and has to offer by visiting just one resort. Amenities like “all-suite” rooms, Prestige level services, pools, gondola rides, world famous chefs, top entertainment, and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub leave the Five-Diamond award unquestioned.  If this resort were located anywhere else in the world, the nightly rate would be insurmountable, but in Vegas it’s affordable because that’s what Vegas is! The entertainment list in Vegas reads like a phone book. I’ve been there four times and experienced completely different forms of entertainment each time. The Blue Man Group is oddly entertaining while Criss Angel’s Believe offers the most spectacular illusions from the magician of the century, and KA is an unprecedented, gravity-defying production. If you’re looking for more extreme forms of entertainment or adventure, take the 108th floor plunge off of The Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino‘s Sky Jump. Not even the sky is the limit in Vegas.

Every time I go to Las Vegas it’s different. With so many things to see and do, Vegas is a cocktail for the senses. Do you want screaming adventure, luxurious resorts at great prices,  world-class entertainment, and a replica trip around the globe? You can have it all in Vegas.

123 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Cities Visited – #8 Las Vegas, United States of America

  1. Wow, an interesting take on Vegas. I’ve avoided the place so far, cause it always seemed quite fake and crass, but you have opened my eyes. Maybe a fake canal in Vegas is nearly as good as the real thing in Venice and much less costly (assuming one doesn’t gamble).


  2. My parents took me to Vegas when I was 7. I remember liking how much everything sparkled, but I couldn’t truly appreciate it. I’d love to go back though! Your recommendation for the entertainment scene piqued my interest.


  3. Thanks for the like on my blog post! (One I wrote about the Basque Country in Spain)

    I have to disagree with you about Vegas. I went there once, traveling with my parents from there because we were visiting a bunch of state parks in Southern Utah and it was the closest major airport. I hated everything about it. Too many people, dark casinos where you easily lose track of time playing the slot machines, tacky and just… everything seemed unnecessary. Everything seemed fake and manufactured and it’s in the middle of absolutely nowhere! I did like the Cirque du Soleil show I saw, but that was it. Don’t need to go there again. But I’m glad you had fun while you were there!


  4. Many of the places you mentioned in your post are also my favorites. I think my favorite cities/places are Chicago, San Francisco, Florence Italy, Nime France, New York City, and Mount Hood, and Rocky Mountain National Park. I really dig your blog and all you’ve shared about your experiences! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂


  5. Great Post – I have been a Vegas resident for 12 years now. There is a lot more tourist stuff to do here than drink and gamble. It is interesting how the fake landmarks built here creep so deeply into the tourism psyche. Last year the US Postal Service got in trouble with the issue of a stamp that had the Statue of Liberty’s profile. The photograph that they used for the stamp was actually one taken of the Vegas Lady Liberty…not the real statue.


  6. You are right: you can have almost all of it in Vegas! I see you stayed outdoors a great deal of your time there. Very wise choice! The entertainment you featured indoors was not the usual, either. Great!


  7. Vegas here I come February 10th— the countdown is on!

    Checking out that Stratosphere jump…. was it worth the money?? Or just save my cash for skydiving sometime?

    Keep up the good writing.


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  9. Great photos. Vegas can be a great place for the whole family or a place of secrets best left in Vegas. The reality is much of that can be found any place in the world it all depends on what a person is looking for. I’m with you the sights are amazing, the food is awesome, the shows are top notch. I have loved my two short trips.


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  11. Love your view on Las Vegas – city that never called on me – but lately I have been playing with the thought … maybe is’t all the episodes of CSI I watched through the years. “Cirque” is the main reason … been a fan for 12 years. Also Terry Fator.
    For me Las Vegas has seamed too artificial and plastic. Anyhow it’s now it’s on my bucket list and reading about your adventures … maybe there is a chance for me to find it exciting – even of the sky jump I probably will jump over.
    Blue Man Group … fantastic show, had my chance in London.
    Really enjoy your blog. Will be back!


  12. Vegas is truly an adult’s playground. I never feel rushed when I visit, because the city is literally 24/7. You can leave your room at any time and find something to do. And best of all, it’s pretty affordable to visit for a short weekend.


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  14. Thanks for dropping by and liking my blog, Leslie. I am still a great fan and enjoy getting your posts so regularly.
    I too love Las Vegas, although it is a few years since I have been there. My husband used to go every year for CES in January, so I used to tag along and do the “tourist thing”. Wore my legs down to my knees walking each day. Stayed at the Luxor. America America was fun. Pretzels and people sucking on oxygen in the foyer on ground level. Visited Red Rock Canyon and the Wildlife Centre there which was (is?) extremely interesting. Also visited an old farm and house up that way that used to belong to some rich film-star. Cannot remember her name. Stop me! stop me! I could go on for ever. Long live tack – it’s OK to enjoy it at least once or twice in a life-time. I did hate the street hustlers, though, I must admit and I hate gambling. Why would I give them my money?
    Anyway, thanks once again. Hope all is well with you and the baby.


  15. Hi Lesley

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. I have recently been captivated with Las Vegas. My parents visited LV because they had planned a trip to the Grand Canyon and have raved non stop about how much fun LV was. I hear it from others too and so now I have to try it for myself.


  16. I love this! We got married in Vegas! And hope to go back for our ten year, so in a little over a year! So many fun things to do- and we also never gambled there. I take that back, we each did a quarter 😉


    • I did wonder about that when we visited. From the UK it is quite a haul just to get there, especially with a change at Chicago. But we have friends who live near London and hardly ever go there. I suppose there is an element of familiarity that you take for granted, but from a Brits point of view it was one thing I never thought I would ever do, even getting to the USA was a dream come true. From a kid in the 1950’s to the USA is the stuff of dreams for us even though quite common now.


  17. People back in the UK often think I’m suddenly rich going to Las Vegas but it took a lifetime of living to get there. The usual, getting married, buying a house, bringing up kids, you get the drift, but then the opportunity came, a good package deal as it happened, and we were on our way. It took my breath away the first time we visited and still took it away the 4th time we were there, I do hope to go one more time, but I am now reaching the pensioner age and its not as easy as it once was. Great blog by the way.


  18. Been to Vegas many times over the years and it keeps changing. I remember when there was a vacant lot next to Caesar’s and The Sands and The Desert Inn and other things that are not there any more.

    If you go again, I recommend booking a room at The Four Seasons (top five floors of the Mandalay Bay, but totally separate). Ever since the DI closed, that’s the place for me.

    (Speaking of the DI closing, we were there the last day, the last evening… closed the restaurant there… had the last meal prepared… then sat and talked with the staff, heard all the stories while we all set about draining the bar of any booze that was left. Good times… good times… )


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  21. Vegas is one of my favourite places …… been there 7 times …. and it’s a long way from Australia.
    Everytime you go there it’s different but it manages to hold onto its ‘awesomeness’.
    Can’t wait for the next visit….


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  23. Hi, Lesley: First off, thanks for “liking” my most recent article. I was intrigued to see what you had to say about LV, as I plan to visit there sometime soon. I’ve always avoided it like the plague, but I’ve been hearing some good things about it, and your post confirms what I’ve heard. Thanks for the 4-1-1.


  24. I LOVE Vegas for the same reason: it’s different every time you go! I’ve been lucky enough to get the chance to travel there a couple times a year the past few years. I can’t get enough!


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  27. Vegas next week… this was good read.. and we are going to be staying at the Venetian in a 2100 sq ft room so we are excited.. I’m with you not big on gambling.. I’d rather be traveling with my money and experiencing life.. excited about your Rome review.. Can’t wait to do it.. I’m inspired by your bucket list and think I will do a bucket list of places to go before I die.. also.. I want to also figure how many places I have been it is sad to say that I haven’t a clue.. but it’s time to start keeping track… thanks for the inspiration.. I love your page.. would love advice cause I have no clue how to work this site.. I’m brand new and find that I’m really really a rookie and need help.. Happy travels.



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  29. Next time you’re there, visit the Valley of Fire just north of L.V. Plan to spend at least a day. Of our 1 week stay in L.V. last summer, that was the highlight.

    I’ve enjoyed all the photos.


  30. Hey There Lesleycarter,
    Cool Post, I want to know any other places that I could visit besides the usual UK favorites like New York, as well as places in Florida and California and the city of Las Vegas.(I will visit these one day)

    What other gems are there which we might not have heard of? The more interesting and unusual the better.

    Thanks everyone.
    I look forward to your next post
    Lonnie Gibson


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