The Haiti Chronicles – In Panorama

The Haiti Chronicles – In Panorama
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This is (most likely) my final post on Haiti.  Over the course of the week, I had the opportunity to photograph several panoramas, both in Port-au-Prince, and in the more rural Gressier.  Above is one panorama we captured of the beautiful sunset over the western mountains.  Being accustomed to some pretty amazing Florida sunsets, I really enjoyed the combination of mountain, sea, and cloud that we experienced that night.

Above is the a photo from the overlook (well technically, the wall of the overlook), looking down toward the port for which Port-au-Prince derives its name.  To the right is the main road through town, and in the foreground, are the bustling city streets and tent villages where people now live.

Lastly, is this panorama from Gressier – looking east a little before sunset.  All of the blue shelters you see here were built by Reach Global teams with materials from Samaratin’s Purse.  The hillsides here are truly beautiful, with a mix of tropical vegetation, humble homesteads, and larger residences along the coast.  In the background, though obscured by haze, are the arid mountains of the northern peninsula.

As I think back on my trip, now nearly a week-gone-by, I am still struck by the joy of these folks.  Beyond the poverty, beyond the destruction, beyond the squalor, it is that humble joy in the midst of so little that I believe will stick with me the most.  This is especially true in the church, where the pastors, teachers and people all seem to sense a growing movement of God.  Lord willing, I will be able to return in coming years and see the expansion of this progress of Hope.


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38 thoughts on “The Haiti Chronicles – In Panorama

  1. I had stopped by to see if you had made a new post. You had not. 10 minutes later I receive an email saying that you have a new post! Perfect timing!


  2. My travels won’t make that interesting reading..(not like yours!!)
    In – Out – Work… Done.. but we’ll see if manage to write something from one of travels and send it to you 🙂
    Would’ve liked to see the panoramas in larger size, to truly appreciate them…


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  4. Our church sponsors so many efforts in Haiti that I am more than thrilled to say the sheer joy of the people, despite all the hardships, was what affected you most on this trip. Bless you for all you do and are, dear sister Lesley!


  5. Thank you Leslie for these beautiful pictures–and keeping Haiti “in the news.” We sent a group of teenage Quakers to Haiti to help at a school. They reported that they had found courage, beauty and hope, along with new friends. They also mentioned that the kids were so poor they didn’t own one soccer ball–now they do–and they learned how to play soccer. We need more of these type of connections. Again, thank you–Barb


  6. You are truly a wonder! Having these amazing life experiences and having the talent to convey them to the rest of the world in the way that you do, I cannot praise you enough. I have been honored with the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award, and it is now my pleasure to pass it onto you. The content on your blog is truly awesome!


  7. Thanks for doing such a great piece on MY country! Especially about the church. I grew up in the Haitian church and I can attest to how powerful the worship of the people are…in joy and in pain. I am a very proud Haitian! Hoping to visit there in the next year.


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