TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

My helpful mother, my little sister, and my not-so-little, but younger, brother will be staying with us in southern California from March 10th – April 1st for the arrival of our first child, Athena. The anticipation builds daily as I think about spending quality time with my family. This will be their first visit to California and I’d like to show them why it is my Paradise. The beaches, the sun, the sand, the adventures… the list is endless. At 38 weeks pregnant (when they arrive), though, it’s going to be difficult to show them around or to truly enjoy the surrounding, and forget about where they are all going to sleep in our two-bedroom condo! I’m trying to be realistic about what we can do together to enjoy the outdoors yet keep my ever-growing belly comfortable and secure. I’ve decided that beach camping is the perfect fit! It’s close to the hospital, requires very little effort on my part, and is fun for everyone. To make my camping experience a little more comfortable, I’ll be using the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot. It’s a huge cot that fits well in our tent and will easily double as a bed for my brother, among other guests, during his 3 week stay. The large size makes it great for “pregnant”  camping and since its easily stored in the closet, it’s a wonderful fit for single guests like my brother. I couldn’t be more impressed with the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

The cot measures in at 85″ long, 40″ wide, and 19″ high, which is bigger than a standard twin bed! Size does equal weight and it weighs in a 26 lbs, but our camping ventures will be limited to close-to-car setup and I’m sure my husband will happily move the cot into the tent. He’ll need the practice lifting heavy objects since I’ve yet to see a new parent with less than a stroller, a baby carrier, a diaper bag, and a baby; that has to be more than 26lbs!

The cot is built just as rugged as it is oversized, touting a 600 pound weight capacity with patented steel leg construction. Even better, setup and breakdown is quick and hassle-free so we won’t spend hours fussing with the cot each evening.

Last night, we practiced assembling the cot in the living room to make sure it was a good match for our needs. We folded out the frame, inserted the 2 aluminum cross bars, and both ends of the cot, and snapped them on to pull the canvas tight. It was easier than putting together an Ikea table, and that’s saying something. Disassembling the cot was just as easy and it packed away nicely in its carrying bag. Unlike most other camping products, the carrying bag is not an impossibly tight squeeze. Minus the carrying/lifting, I could use and assemble the cot myself even in the later stages of pregnancy where everything from tying my shoes to putting on my pants is more difficult.

Laying on the cot was comfortable and I had plenty of room to re-position myself. It’s long enough for the tall members of my family, including my 16-year-old brother who is 6’3″. Even he will not have to worry about his feet hanging off one end or his pillow falling off the other.  My sister and I can even use it to play cards on since I can guarantee that will be a large part of our evening. It’s tall enough that all of my gear, including my hospital bag, can slide underneath and at the back of our 8 person tent, no one will need to hurdle over me in the middle of the night. Luckily, there are doors on both sides of our tent for my evening bathroom breaks.

Our camping ventures will be limited when our baby girl first arrives but the cot will make an excellent guest bed for the overflowing family that will want to be part of Athena’s life. We stored it in the extra closet last night and it takes up less than half the space of a roll away bed (It folds down to 42 x 12 x 7 inches). Sure, it may take up more space than an air mattress, but the choice is obvious. After all, air mattresses usually leave guests lying on the floor before the night is over.

The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot is flawless for camping and for house guests when you have limited space. Forget blowing up air mattresses or storing roll away beds. This cot is the camping and guest bed solution.

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46 thoughts on “TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

  1. You sound like a wonderful woman and caring and so understanding…enough to allow your family to camp with you in your tiny 2-bedroom condo for three-weeks…enough time to ensure that your family will see you pre-birth and for the delivery of your baby.

    The cot looks great!


  2. I always get a huge smile on my face when I read your posts! Camping with your family is a perfect remedy for a house full of guests. I’ll pray for good weather for you all! I can’t wait to hear about Athena!


  3. Camping at the end of your pregnancy? What a great idea! Absorb the peace and calm…your little one will fill up your world when she arrives. Also, be prepared for that hospital trip! My son was born at 38 weeks, which I hadn’t really thought would happen. Happy camping!


  4. Very cool. I am going to look in to it as right now I am sleeping on an air mattress since having given up my bed and bedroom to my daughter, this could come in handy. Enjoy the baby and take lots of pictures because before you know it they are 21 and have red hair. Hint my daughter was a brunette the last time I saw her and now she is a red head.


  5. So exciting! It will be great to have your family around you when you head to the hospital. And although I never camped out while pregnant or with a tiny one, babies just LOVE being outside. Every time they start crying, if you walk outside, they get happy. ; )


  6. Leslie,
    I am very excited for you and your family! Athena picked a good mommy. With your creative, adventurous spirit, (and patience in assembling the lux Teton!) your transition into motherhood will be an amazing one. 🙂 Check out hypnobirthing, the mongan method. The meditation CD”s may be right up your alley. It was the BEST tool, besides the incredible support of my hubby, in birthing my 3 babies. It is a process that you and little Athena are performing as a team. She will be working just as hard as you on that wondrous day. Thanks for sharing!
    I’ll be sending my positive mommy blessings to SoCal for you.
    Kimberly Crawford


  7. I remember the anticipation of my first child, even though it was 25 years ago…..5 children and two grandchildren ago, the moment still brings happiness to my heart. Family is important. I’m glad yours had decided to share the event with you. 🙂


  8. That cot is a great idea. Looks sturdy and is compact folded up. So much better than those early-days camp cots with the aluminum legs that fed through a seam and stayed set up as long as you didn’t roll over. And how great to be able to go camping in that warm California weather. We’re still in the winter chills here. Have fun!


  9. That cot looks to be the perfect answer for extra company. At the moment, when we run out of guest room, it’s time to bring out the old inflatable mattress. Hey congrats on the upcoming birth, it will change your life (for the better!). I see you love to travel and are up for adventure… if you like, take a quick look at our blog… 100% bio-degradable, no SLS shampoo bar also perfect for body and shaving-multi-tasking. Great product for camping, traveling. Sorry for the commercial, but we’ve got a coupon on right now and I really think you’d like the product, I love it. Have fun with the family–it’s going to be an awesome time for all of you!


  10. Great review! Have you considered writing at Factoidz? A review like this would earn you decent money there!

    As a life-long camper (military family) I know the “comfort” that the older cots offered, and just wish we had stuff like these back then!


  11. First of all, Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. I am so envious of your ongoing energy level; It amazes me that in this stage of your pregnancy you don’t appeared to have slowed down in the least. Enjoy your relaxing,upcoming trip to the beach with your family. Just think, one day you and Athena will be climbing mountains together. Again, congrats!


  12. I am so happy for you! May Athena bring you great joy, happiness and the start of a new adventure in life that is priceless!!! Sending you love, blessings, awe and wonder! Enjoy your family and the anticipation of your new arrival!


  13. Wonderful to have all that support into your next adventure. There’s nothing quite like this adventure – have a beautiful time with your family and gorgeous baby.


  14. We are almost on the same boat. I will be visited by my brother and his family down here in Sydney in April and I just can’t wait to show them around. It’s their first time too to see Australia. However, I’m not an expecting mother like you that’s why I could just imagine that the excitement and the anticipation is doubled or even more. God bless you!


  15. Hi, I stopped by just to say Thank You for liking my post, and found myself being caught up in reading your posts! Rather than spending more time commenting on all the posts I thought I’d just give you a big 2 thumbs up here. Thanks for the great read 🙂
    Sherry’s on Main


  16. Saw that you gave my blog a “like” and was curious to see who you are. Can do nothing but return the “like” and wish you good luck with both camping and the new baby. How exciting! 🙂


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  18. We have the same cot for my husband! Had a lot of trouble getting the end bars on, but after setting it up a few times it’s easier. We have our first camping trip of 2012 scheduled already!


  19. Lesley – I am sure your family won’t mind “camping out” when they visit…. after all, how often does one get to welcome a new life to the family. Congratulations!!! Jeff and I noticed your daughter’s name, Athena. Also the name of the small town (large village) where we were married on 9.10.11. Athena, Oregon is a rural farming community steeped in Scottish ancestry and tradition. Yes, we had a local piper at our wedding. 🙂

    Welcome Athena. You’ll have an adventurous life, for sure.


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