The Giving Trip

The Giving Trip
Featured Writer: Executive Director Jan Hanson

In early January 2007, I boarded an early morning flight from Minneapolis making my way to Ayacucho, Peru. While boarding the flight to the Andean city, a woman asked in broken English where I was going. I told her I was serving as an international volunteer in Ayacucho. She said, “It’s very poor there.”  That is precisely why I chose to spend two weeks working with orphans in Ayacucho and it was a trip that changed my life forever.

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10 thoughts on “The Giving Trip

  1. Great post. I also have been to another country and have seen the poorest of poor, and my heart went out to them right out of my chest. I could do absolutely nothing to help. The country I speak of is the Philippines.


  2. Lesley and Darren, bless you for posting this 200orphanagesworldwide article. I am reblogging to my own website, for these types of connections between many diverse givers and helpers around the world is at the center of my allegorical narrative poetry series. I have also posted to Facebook from your BucketListPublications website.


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