Bucket List Publications wants to offer the opportunity for readers from around the world to achieve their dreams and cross off bucket list items. 

Imagine living every day to to the fullest and making your most burning desires come true. From extreme adventures like skydiving and bungee jumping, traveling the world, interacting with exotic animals, and creating a family with the man of my dreams, I’ve followed my bucket list to success. I’ve now broadened my horizons and set my sights on the bucket list goals of others.

What are your dreams? Maybe you could be the next bucket list adventure recipient! Maybe you could be the next person to make your dreams a reality!

We’ve already started to put the wheels in motion by offering a free skydiving tandem jump with deluxe video package from Skydive San Diego. This contest runs until March 12th, 2012 and the lucky winner will be able to scratch skydiving off of their bucket list.

We’re in the process of organizing a race school experience for one of our readers in Iowa, USA. We made all of the arrangements with GASS Racing School and all the reader needs to do is show up for the experience of a lifetime. This bucket list adventure will be featured in May so stay tuned.

We also recently organized a heli skiing adventure with Selkirk Tangiers plus skiing and accommodations at the Sutton Place Resort in B.C., Canada for one of our lucky readers! Dreams are starting to come true with Bucket List Publications.

Currently, we can only offer the bucket list experience without covering the costs of travel, meals, or accommodations, but Bucket List Publications eventually wants to offer the complete package! Each month, we’d like to feature one person’s bucket list and make one of their bucket list items a reality. Their dreams come true will be featured in the following month on Bucket List PublicationsIn 6 months, we built a blog from nothing to over 900,000 readers. People want to live their dreams and up until now they were doing that vicariously through us, but we want to offer them the opportunity to live their own life to the fullest. One lucky winner, each month, will be selected to make one bucket list dream a reality. We’ll do all the planning and the writing, leaving the adventure and accomplishments to them.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Please feel free to submit your bucket list to: [email protected]
Put “Bucket List” in the subject line.
Include your name, blog address, current city/town & country
See for an example bucket list.  

Contributions can be made at:


  1. Nice. I love what you’ve done here. I don’t have a bucket list because I live every day as though it were the last. But that can be a hard way to live, so a bucket list is a smart way to make sure life doesn’t close before the things you intend to happen become possible.


  2. Lesley! I had no idea you were 8 months toward starting a new adventure… : ) Apparently I’ve been a patchy blog follower for quite a while. lol! Congrats to you both and congrats on this wonderfully fantastic, generous idea! It would be a dream to be able to do this for other people – if you ever need ’employees’ out East just let me know. : )


    • As of Sunday, I’ll be 9 months pregnant 🙂

      I don’t make any money doing this so employees are out of the question, but feel free to submit your own list. Maybe there is something I can help you scratch off.



      • LOL! Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t be looking for any ’employees’ – it’s just such a great thing you’re trying to do & it would be fantastic to be a part of… Most of the bucket list items hubby and I have are pretty huge dreams, but I’ll get something submitted. 🙂 Either way it’s going to so fantastic to watch this change lives. 😀


  3. Ok so I’ve started my bucket list, I think I’m hooked on snow right now. It keeps ending up in the icy tundra! Building an igloo, actually driving my own dog sled [ my husband drove before ] to do a an overnight cross country ski trip. I really should put this all on my blog!! We’re in Europe right now, supposed to return to the USA at the end of the year.


    • The latest adventure that I’m helping a reader achieve is heli skiing. While I don’t enjoy winter sports or activities myself, it is the most exciting adventure that I organized for someone else. I can’t wait until they have the actual experience on March 8th! It’s all very exciting.



      • Agreed! I have 3 children aged 12, 8 and 4… Losing 2 parents a 9 months apart about a year ago made me tames lose that life is too precious to wait for living!

        In the last year alone I sky-dived, wing-walked, zorbed, went zip-lining down red mountain, learned aerobatics, bungee jumped, visited Thailand, rode an elephant, held a monkey, took my kids to Disney World and Disney Land Paris and generally achieved a lot of my life list!!!

        Civilianwartime, The time to live is now… Embrace the moment with your family… I’ve even started my kids on their own bucket lists! We’re ALL about to go indoor sky diving (you can do it from the age of 3) and I got my 12 year old a junior Ferrari track day, and my 8 year old go-karting tickets. And have booked him a roller-disco party…


  4. Bucket List for FatJoe…

    1) eat at all Diners, Drive-ins & Dives Joints
    2) actually get paid for something I write
    3) spend some time in St. Andrews, Scotland
    4) have one of my students (or more) actually make a difference some day
    5) Retire and have a dog city (go to the SPCA and say….I’ll take’em all)….


    • I’ll be posting about the first bucket list adventure recipient within the next few days! He will be going heli-skiing, downhill skiing, and staying at a top resort in B.C., Canada. I made all of the arrangements and he’ll scratch off one of his bucket list items. It’s a very exciting week for me 🙂


    • Thanks for reblogging. I appreciate the support. I’d like to make it an international event. So far, I’m working on the bucket lists of readers from B.C., Canada, Iowa, USA, and San Diego, USA. I hope to reach each continent. 🙂


  5. That’s awesome that you are going to give away bucket list packages each month! How nice of you 😀 Congrats on the success of your blog- wow 900,000 followers?! I wish one day I can become as successful as yourself..


  6. You are awesome and I am so impressed … really. I want to fly on a trapeze – or try, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m coming back! This is the best!


  7. This is very cool…I hope things work out for those trying to fulfill their lists. I’m moving to Tokyo in 2 WEEKS (probably the only thing on my list right now, at least, that I can think of right now)! Best of luck!


  8. Lesley, this is an awesome site! I did a lot of crossiing off on my bucket list of adventures in my late 20’s, but then after I had my son, I was scared to go anywhere without him! Now that he is turning 3, I am making a new bucket list. I am going to show my son that life is for living. There is so much in this world to experience, it would be a shame to miss out. I am even including him in many of my adventures. Thanks for being an inspiration.


  9. This makes me realize that I am almost 30 and dont have my bucket list written out yet. I dont know where to start. There are so many things that I want to do in life still, and so many places I want to go see. I look at your pictures and am proud of you for chasing and concuring your dreams!


  10. Coming to your blog is like coming home to someone that “gets” you. This is my first visit, but you are definitely going on the blogroll! My best friend and I were discussing planning a trip to Boston this fall and she posed a great question, “Why are we settling for Boston when what we really want is Italy?” Not that Boston isn’t a fine city (I love it), but she was right, we settle just going somewhere or say we have to wait. So now, our goal is to figure out a way to make Italy happen. Reading your blog just reinforced that we NEED to figure out how to make it happen and stop settling!


  11. This is an Awesome Idea… this year for the first time I decided to come up with a list of 32 things to do when I’m 32… I blogged about it here…

    I think making a bucket list, or dreaming about things or having goals…if you don’t put it down on paper..then you’ll never make it happen. I think writing it down will be the FIRST step in the process…:) It’s going to be exciting reading about others fulfilling their dreams/bucket list items, thanks for sharing other people’s bucket list adventures…


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