Skydiving Adventure Package Finalists – Vote Now

In cooperation with Skydive San Diego, Bucket List Publications is giving away a free, tandem skydiving adventure with Deluxe Video and Stills to one of the 15 lucky finalists.

Their tandem skydive adventure includes:

Pre-jump instructional class
One tandem jump harnessed to a professional Instructor
A scenic 5 to 7 minute parachute flight
A First Jump Certificate
Deluxe Video and Stills
The finalist with the most “likes”, “tweets” or other “mentions” under their profile by March 12th, 2012 at 5pm PST (GMT-8:00) will be the winner of the Skydiving Package.

Check out their profiles at Bucket List Publications and vote for your favorite contestant!

Good luck to all finalists from Bucket List Publications!

47 thoughts on “Skydiving Adventure Package Finalists – Vote Now

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  2. I’m going on a plane trip in a month and I’m getting my terror thrills just sitting in the seat. Nice to read about your jumping and the heart-stopping excitement, but I’ll just do up my seatbelt and pray that the pilot knows what he’s doing. Landing safely (inside the plane) will be enough excitement for me. 😉


  3. LOL here. I can think of nothing that I’d like to do less than go skydiving. Well, maybe root canal… but I dunno. Skydiving seems worse to me, a woman who’s feet are firmly planted on earth! Best of luck to the winner.


  4. What an incredible opportunity for those thrill-seekers! It’s funny, as a teenager I thought I would definitely want to skydive one day, but I’ve slowly gravitated away from that as I’ve gotten older! One thing is for sure, your blog has inspired me to dream up a bucket list!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


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