Bucharest is Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Featured Writer: Nicole Basaraba

Bucharest is the most lush, sweet and pleasing-to-the-eye city I’ve visited and the best part is that nobody “knows” about it. What I mean is that you don’t hear many people talking about their planned trip to Bucharest or other parts of Romania. The lack of hordes of tourists is what makes this city even more fun to visit. There is no standing in line for two hours to visit the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye or to catch a glimpse of the astronomical clock tower in Prague.

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25 thoughts on “Bucharest is Europe’s Best Kept Secret

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  2. Amazing post about my country! Kinda proud actually ^^ And happy.. and… thanksss! I hope people see this and think about visiting not only the capital, but also another amazing hidden places that Romania has to offer! 1000x thank you!


  3. Lili over at Endless Journey would be so very pleased with this rave review of Bucharest. I have always want to visit the capital city of the “Romanys”, as it were!


  4. It is indeed a very cool city. The only place I have been to in Romania however and I am told the rest of the country feels very different and much less metropolitan.

    In winter the city felt like a picture postcard with the snow covered churches like this one.

    Bucharest Church


  5. I live in Bucharest. it is indeed a great city, but a very busy one (it’s the capital of Romania…of course it’s a busy city :D). During the winter is not that pleasant, but in the spring or summer is a great city to visit.


  6. Thanks for the advice! I’m travelling through eastern Europe (currently in Kraków). I wasn’t sure whether to visit Romania but this post makes me want to go! If you like places that are off the tourist trail, you should check out Toruń in Poland.


  7. Lovely review of your visit to Bucharest. I’m Romanian but living 8h away from Bucharest so this summer was the 1st time I visited it. Great to hear good things about the city from a foreign tourist. PS: I found “Caru cu Bere” an AMAZING place & next time you should also visit ” Hanu lui Manuc”


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