La Ruta Maya River Challenge Training Continues

Pau Hana Surf Supply continue their training in San Ignacio, Belize for the ultimate race, La Ruta Maya River Challenge! Four days and 170 miles of river racing on a paddleboard is my kind of adventure! Just looking at the photos gets my heart racing. For the first time in my life, I’m living vicariously through someone else. While I’m waiting for the best adventure of my life, the arrival of my baby girl, Shane is about to embark on an eye-opening adventure of his own. Check out Todd Caranto (Pau Hana), Nicholas Troutman (trainer), Shane Perrin (paddleboard La Ruta Maya racer),  Doug Death (cameraman), and Jessica Wunderlich, (photos) as they prepare for the River Challenge.

Nick found a new friend who has been following them around for 3 days.

Jessica and Nicholas got up close and personal at the local market.

Todd prepped the Big EZ paddleboard, which is the same board that I’ll be using after the baby is born.

Nick talked strategy with some last second planning…

Then he was off…

The Class 2-3 rapids were no problem for Nick.

Todd went for it as well.

Shane did pretty well for his first time in the rapids.

The crew scoped out some of the rapids to practice on.

Imagine hopping onto a paddleboard every morning for four days and paddling for an average of 42.5 miles a day under the tropical sun with little support and only the supplies you’re carrying on your board! La Ruta Maya River Challenge is not for the faint of heart. I’m not sure any amount of training would prepare me for such an adventure, but Shane is going for it and I’m anxiously awaiting his first race day.

29 thoughts on “La Ruta Maya River Challenge Training Continues

  1. Lesley,
    Having liked two of my posts in the past week, I decided it was time for me to give you some props! Gotta say, you have something really meaningful going on here, Keep the positive vibes going. I will be keeping up with your entries for the benefit of my Journey to live the most fulfilling life possible!


  2. I’ve always heard of paddleboarding on still water, but on rapids? That’s sounds like edgy adventure to me! Definitely trying it soon!


  3. Just absolutely adore white water activities of any kind, anywhere! Love that produce market and that dog, as well! So great of you to share such wonders with us here! Very energizing and inspiring!


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  5. Great Effort SHANE!! I did it in a canoe last year that was tough enough…….. but who knows maybe one day i could follow in shane’s footsteps…..


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