Skydiving Adventure Package Finalists – Vote Now

Today is the last day to vote for the Skydiving Adventure Package Finalists! Make all of your votes count and send one lucky reader on a tandem skydiving adventure with deluxe video and stills from Skydive San Diego.

Their tandem skydive adventure includes:

Pre-jump instructional class
One tandem jump harnessed to a professional Instructor
A scenic 5 to 7 minute parachute flight
A First Jump Certificate
Deluxe Video and Stills
The finalist with the most “likes”, “tweets” or other “mentions” under their profile by March 12th, 2012 at 5pm PST (GMT-8:00) will be the winner of the Skydiving Package.

Check out their profiles at Bucket List Publications and vote for your favorite contestant!

Good luck to all finalists from Bucket List Publications!

The contest closes at 5pm this evening and the votes will be tallied. 

The winner will be notified shortly after 5pm. 

10 thoughts on “Skydiving Adventure Package Finalists – Vote Now

  1. Having long been in fierce denial regarding my own demise, I have never actually sat down and considered a bucket list of my own; it seemed like giving up too soon. But, as that seminal, or rather terminal, event approaches my personal reality ever more closely, I am just starting on such a list. How many list entries are required, encouraged, or suggested for inclusion? Regardless, I’ll get over to the link you gave above to submit it; my list may not be particularly adrenalizing, but will certainly be eclectic….. 🙂 Always enjoy reading about other folk’s adventures, though… mine tend to focus on more cerebral pursuits… though an excellent former athlete, I’ve never been one to engage in activities that contained too high of an element of chance of mortality…. not cowardly, I assure you; I’ve faced death incarnate, and walked away intact many times. Just, to my mind, playing the best odds…. any who, I enjoy your blog a lot….thanks for the great stuff you publish….


    • There is no set amount of list items nor is a bucket list solely for elderly or sickly. Many of the bucket list submissions are from young adults and even children who have accomplishments in mind and enjoy the journey a little more when it is written down. I keep a yearly list and try to set goals as much as possible.

      Please submit your list by following the submission guidelines at

      If you’d like to read the adventures of other amazing bucket list seekers, be sure to follow along at Bucket List Publications Online Magazine at

      I look forward to hearing from your soon,

      Lesley Carter (Bucket List Publications Editor)!/LesleyMCarter


      • Lesley… thanks. I was inspired enough by the idea that I went over there, and submitted my list to the email address given just a few minutes ago… 🙂 Though my list may not get picked, it may provide a chuckle or two….I have read a couple of recent bucket stories, and loved them, though they weren’t activities I’d pursue myself…the one with the pictures of the Patagonian mountain valley landscapes was awesome….looks like an amazing place…thanks, for your consistent positivism, and your joie de vivre….. see you around the comments section…..


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