A Royal Hideaway in Mexico

The Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico does all-inclusive right. This breathtaking, adult-only resort claims a spectacular beach, infinite pools and services, and exquisite suites! Royal Hideaway is a new level of all-inclusive.

This all-inclusive resort is just a 10-minute stroll from Playa del Carmen, so if its activities including tennis, sailing, biking, and basketball, not to mention a piano bar, cooking classes, and an abundance of pools aren’t sufficient, there’s always city entertainment nearby. But once you arrive on the resort, I can guarantee you will not be in a hurry to leave.

Forget resort bracelets, towel vouchers, and limited alcohol choices.  Chilled champagne and warm towels upon arrival are the first sign that luxury is a top priority here. Also, order any drink you want from the comfort of one of the pools or give room service a ring for  snacks and drinks in your suite.

In addition to gorgeous beaches and unrestricted amenities, Royal Hideaway features an oversized cascading infinity pool and relaxation pools around the property for indulgent sun lounging.Beds are piled high with creamy gold and brown pillows, closets are walk-in, and the staff seems truly happy to be there.

Food is above par for an all-inclusive resort, especially the Thai fusion dishes that are prepared in front of your eyes.

The Royal Hideaway offers the highest degree of resort luxury with exceptional amenities and superior service. I felt the “royal” experience while staying at Royal Hideaway Playacar.

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83 thoughts on “A Royal Hideaway in Mexico

  1. Looks very nice, indeed! I’m coming to Playa del Carmen, all the way from cool Copenhagen (Denmark) in 73 days (not that I’m counting the days), primarily for some Cenotes Diving and for a spot of Whale Shark Snorkeling. However, I am not staying at Royal Hideaway Playacar – although I’m now considering an upgrade on my accommodation 🙂


      • Well, my dive travel agent made the choice for me, and I have just now checked it out. It’s ‘Casa De Gopala’, which has gotten fine reviews. So I guess that I can live with that, on this my first trip to Mexico 🙂


  2. Well, my dive travel agent made the choice for me, and I have just now checked it out. It’s ‘Casa De Gopala’, which has gotten fine reviews. So I guess that I can live with that, on this my first trip to Mexico 🙂


  3. That water looks so inviting. I can’t wait for summer when I look at shots like these. Although, I must admit, I am enjoying the cool temps of spring at the moment.


    • Not that it’s ever really cold in southern California, but I’m honestly enjoying the cooler temperatures as well. At 9 months pregnant, I don’t think I could handle the heat of Mexico right now.

      I could definitely go for a dip in those waters though.

      Have you ever been to Mexico before?


      • No, I’ve never been, Leslie. It looks like a pretty place though.
        I’m surprised your little one hasn’t arrived yet. You must be overdue? I’ve been thinking about you lately with your active lifestyle, and of course, wishing you the best.


  4. Oh…looks good! Love the royal treatment! Just experienced something similar at the Mayakoba Fairmont Resort. While not all-inclusive, it was the true celebrity experience (complete with celebs!!!!) Totally felt like a princess – can’t wait to go back! Looks like you are in the same boat!


  5. Talk about something as beautiful as your Royal Hideaway in Mexico adventures. Calgon, take me away! Living amidst southern California’s cement and glass farm palaces, but now down in South Bay, I’d trade you in a heartbeat. Really, you ‘should’ do a small group tour. That ticket would be priceless! Thank you, Les. – Paul


  6. Fanstastic post. I’ll keep this area in mind & look out for deals (will need to, to be able to afford the trip from Australia). Regardless, thnak you for showing it to us. 🙂


    • Oh the food! That was one of the best parts; it was all a la carte dining. Each restaurant had a huge menu to choose from and nothing was buffet style or left out. It was amazing! For lunch one day, I ordered pizza, pasta, and fries and it was made fresh and quick.

      I loved everything about the service.


      • NO BUFFET?!?….that may be a deal breaker for me; I love my morning breakfast buffet…
        Just kidding, having a huge menu with great service is definitely going to make a good trip, a GREAT one. I just got back from an extensive business trip in Asia, and what made each day perfect was how it started at the hotel’s amazing breakfast service where the staff were happy to bring out anything I wanted….although they were unable to get one thing I wanted desperately… http://fedupfood.com/2012/02/19/its-crack-for-breakfast/


  7. I can order a real cocktail without having to wonder if it’s “inclusive” or not? Now that is my idea of an all inclusive resort! Now, just need to figure out what to do about my 4 kids…..


  8. Royal Hideaway Playacar, looks and sounds like a fantastic place to stay & play… I have been to Playa Del Carmen once but only for a few hours as it was a stop on the cruise my wife and I were on… I do have to say the beaches were awesome and have always wanted to go back and stay for a longer time and this all inclusive resort looks amazing… Hmmmm maybe my next vacation spot…


    • That’s always one of my biggest dilemmas! I want to have lots of pictures, but I don’t want to waste my vacation taking them. I think we all need a personal photographer to do all the hard work for us 😉


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