Meet Tonje Helene Blomseth: A Girl Who’s Ready to Conquer the World!

Featured Writer:  Erica K. Haugli

Sometimes somebody’s adventurous spirit speaks to our own and stirs in us the desire to dream big.  Maybe it’s because we know the same voice as they do:  Not that of friends, family or society, but the inner voice that calls us to face our fears, test our physical and mental limits, and dare to live life to the fullest.

Tonje Helene Blomseth is someone who stirs this voice within me.  I’d like to introduce you to this adventurous soul and hope that her story inspires you to say yes to the next challenge that awaits you.  Meet Tonje:

Just over three months ago, on December 11, 2011, this blond, energetic, and very determined 17-year old achieved one of her goals. Continue Reading…

20 thoughts on “Meet Tonje Helene Blomseth: A Girl Who’s Ready to Conquer the World!

  1. Hi Lesley,
    What do you (or someone in your network) know about the Norwegian cruise line Nord Norge. I recently watched an amazing program on PBS about cruising Norway’s coast, and it looked like a class act. Yes, I can google them, but looking for fresh, honest comment/perspective.


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