What Makes the Perfect Grill? The Napoleon Prestige 308 Grill

Living in southern California has its advantages. We can head to the beach almost all 365
days a year; we have “bad weather” days that consist of a little bit of rain and possibly winds; mosquitoes, those nasty little flies that bite and constantly buzz around lurking and waiting for their moment of attack, are a thing of the past; and every evening can be an “outdoor” event, which makes grilling, or barbecuing as eastern Canadians more often refer to it as, a necessity.

Grilling has always appeared to me as a manly activity and I never put much thought into cooking on the grill. Darren would happily attend to the grill regularly while we were living in New Brunswick and it never crossed my mind to participate, other than passing him the huge barbecue utensils and eating the food that he prepared. Then, one evening a few months ago, we stayed at a resort in Laguna Beach and they had a grill on the patio. As a new experience for my husband and I, I suggested that we grill together. I’m not sure what possessed me to mess with the perfect situation where he would do any grilling and I would hang out in the house waiting for my dinner, but the process of it all, that seemed to excite most men, intrigued me. The Napoleon Prestige P308RB Grill offered a cooking experience as gratifying as the wonderful meal we created, and that was it; I had to own my own Napoleon Grill!

But what made the Napoleon grill so perfect? What was it that made my steak so juicy, tender, and evenly cooked? What happened to the potatoes to make them crispy on the outside yet maintain their soft, fluffy texture on the inside? And why didn’t I notice that cooking on a grill was so simple when it came time to clean up? And more importantly, why didn’t I see the mastery in cooking a meal over flames and steel? Superior technology, rock solid performance, balanced design, and unparalleled customer service are the hallmark of the Napoleon name and the key features that drew me to grilling.

The Napoleon Prestige P308RB Grill Features

The body is all stainless steel; the shelves, the doors, the knobs, the lid, and the handle. The lid is double lined to keep more heat in the grill and to protect the stainless steel on the outside from discoloring. The EASY SET ergonomic knobs connect to precision brass valves and the reliable electronic ignition starts the grill quickly. The LIFT EASE roll top lid features a stainless steel temperature gauge with ACCU-PROBE, which accurately reads the temperature inside the grill while the stainless steel tubular handle remains cool to the touch.

There isn’t anything you can’t cook on this grill. Direct cooking allows you to sear (broil) your food to lock in flavor while the indirect method creates an oven style (roasting) environment. There is a stainless steel rear infrared burner and a rotisserie kit with counter balance and two forks for delicious restaurant style cooking. The tightly sealed lid provides maximum heat retention and oven-like performance and the reversible channel cooking grids hold drippings to keep food moist. The unique patented 304 stainless steel sear plates safely control flareups and eliminate cold spots. The stainless steel burners offer 42,000 BTUs and are positioned front to back for precise heat control allowing for independent use of each grilling zone.

Clean up:
The full width removable drip pan channels excess drippings into a removable grease cup for easy clean up.

The Napoleon Prestige Gourmet Grill is the ideal complement to our outdoor living space. It’s constructed by hard working hands in Canada and backed by Napoleon’s limited lifetime warranty. Grilling feels like a gratifying accomplishment unmatched by cooking in the house. Preparing meals indoors makes me feel like a domestic housewife; cooking meals on the Napoleon grill makes me feel like a master chef in control of my domain. No wonder men don’t complain about using the grill!

View amazing grills at Napoleon Gourmet Grills or check out their Facebook page for other products and promotions!

33 thoughts on “What Makes the Perfect Grill? The Napoleon Prestige 308 Grill

  1. I’ve been deeply immersed in the traditional BBQ world for almost 10 years now. I’m NOT talking about grilling, but “real” BBQ, where barbecue is a noun, not a verb. This is often referred to as the world of “low & slow,” but we often cook at high temps too. When I first started I also owned a gas grill, but as time went by I found myself becoming more and more dissatisfied with the flavour, or more precisely less flavour you get cooking with gas. Five years ago I completely chucked my gas grill and converted completely to charcoal and wood chunks. Cooking with wood produces a flavour that is unique and cannot be duplicated with gas. Napoleon makes a fine grill, but for me, nothing beats a real wood fire.


  2. Our little Weber charcoal grill really has been getting neglected since we bought it because of the charcoal. For just two of us it’s kind of wasteful I guess because you put all this charcoal in, wait longer for it to be ready than the time it takes to cook a few burgers/hotdogs or whatever. The kind of grill you describe here sounds like something that we could cook a small meal on and not feel guilty about wasting charcoal. Thanks for sharing your personal experience.


  3. I’ve never heard of Napoleon grills, but they look phenomenal. From where I hail, all the “true” grillers have Webbers. Either way, grilling season is the best time of year! Out on the lake front with cold beer, good bbq, and a group of great friends and family… doesn’t get much better than that!


  4. Great to swap notes like this across the pond. We have just had our first day in the garden in The Netherlands. This looks like a monster grill! This time we had cold “”summer” food – much of which bought from Udi’s Goodies, a local heaven on earth shop – and hot food from the Aga.
    We had all just run 10 klm (that’s about 7 miles in American :-)) so it was great to SIT and talk around food!


  5. Looks like a MONSTER grill! Its great to swap notes across the pond. We have just had our first day in the sun and eating in the garden in The Netherlands. Was great to sit and eat after our 10 k running race (that’s 7 miles in American!).


  6. I LOVE BBQing but haven’t for a few years since moving in with my kids. My son-in-law a complicated charcoal grill a couple of years ago and does all the work so I don’t bother dragging out my little BBQ.

    You’ve done a great advertising job for Napolean. They should pay you. I especially liked “Preparing meals indoors makes me feel like a domestic housewife; cooking meals on the Napoleon grill makes me feel like a master chef . . .”


  7. So happy to see you have discovered cooking on the open flames!
    I am a charcoal person. Having had a grill, more like a barbecue, all of my adult like never have I owned a gas grill. Of course i have enjoyed the food cooked on them but the flavor charcoal give up is the best.
    I do recall LA County outlawing charcoal lighter many years ago because of the pollution. I suppose when you have millions of people firing up the grill a 5:30 it can be a problem.
    That is when I discovered a chimney. Lights the charcoal faster and only uses a wadded up peace of paper.
    I grill, barbecue, and smoke on mine. What a great time with family and friends outside having a great meal.
    Bon Appetit


  8. Amazing how cultures are crystallized within the creations of food– especially barbecue. I hail from East Texas, where I grill using mesquite from my family’s ranch. It wasn’t until I moved to other parts of the country and world when I realized many people looked at smoking/grilling/barbecuing as a masculine activity. I have both a smoker and a bbq pit that I helped my dad cut and weld while I was in college. Napolean looks amazing– a way to experience another facet of the outdoor cooking culture.


  9. I have to say that grilling is awesome. I really dislike cooking, so (if I cook) it’s grilling. As a matter of fact, we grill through the winter. Any time is grilling time … LOL. But, I must say, I would LOVE this grill. How amazing is that? Thanks for posting.


  10. How pretty is that?!
    We have a Webber q300, a Webber kettle and a fire pit. Other women collect shoes, I collect grills.


  11. I can see why you had a change of heart, the shiny new toy looks tempting to try, but like your previous days my husband does it all while sit and enjoy it.

    I hope to have a change of heart too, this way it becomes something we do together.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • I’ve never been much of a cook in the past and using the grill was way outside my comfort zone, but as motherhood approaches I’d like to teach my daughter to try everything. I can’t expect that of her and not model it myself. The more I expose myself to, the more I learn about my likes and dislikes.

      You seem like a DYI kind of lady so I’m sure you have lots of talents that cover you when it comes time for the grill.



      • That is an excellent way put it ” The more I expose myself to, the more I learn about my likes and dislikes.”

        Sometimes I think I don’t like stuff because I have not tried them, as I am not much of a cook myself.

        Thank you for the reply.


  12. I am a big fan of food cooked over flame; but I have to say I would only really use gas to grill, not BBQ. BBQ requires smoke and low heat over long periods of time. Grilling is great for burgers, hot dogs or steak but for chicken or ribs or brisket you really need the low and slow smokiness of a charcoal grill or smoker.


  13. Great purchase! I’m doing lots of research now on a new grill and feel that Napoleon is what I’m going to be getting as well. For all the charcoal fans out there it should be noted that Napoleon in addition to great grills also makes great accessories and you can actually buy a charcoal and smoker tray that just fits in in place of the sear plates. Then you can use the gas burners to get the charcoal burning and have the best of both worlds with this grill.


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