Spectacular Canyon and Ocean Vistas in All Directions at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park‘s entrance is along Laguna Canyon Road and is open to visitors from 8am to 4pm with a cost of $3 for parking.

As Darren and I strolled, and sometimes struggled, past oak and sycamore woodlands, onto ridges with expansive scenery, and through rocky bluffs that tower above the canyon trails, we felt as if we was seeing California as it has existed for thousands of years.

From the top of the park,  there are several trails to explore and the views are incredible.  Temple Hill, also known as Top of the World, is the high point of the coastal hills surrounding Laguna Beach and it is just a glimpse of the many views the park has to offer.

Inland views looking up Laguna Canyon toward the distant mountains, as well as those looking back down and out toward the Pacific Ocean, make this climb worthwhile and rewarding.

The top of the canyon is the perfect place to find rest and relaxation before making the return journey. The panoramic views of Orange County are a crystal clear reminder of why we moved to California in the first place.  

63 thoughts on “Spectacular Canyon and Ocean Vistas in All Directions at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

  1. Nice! I just hiked for 4 hours yesterday (2 in daylight, 2 in the dark) in the mountains just west of San Fernando Valley. Really nice trails and always fun to get to a high point and spot the Pacific Ocean on the horizon. We took the meticulous trails to the top and watched a beautiful sunset, then hiked back down in the dark (with headband lights) along the fire-road. I never hiked in the dark, so it was pretty amazing to take in the moon and stars that seemed just an arm’s reach away, while being serenaded by a few hoot owls. Definitely will do it again! 🙂


    • Catharine,

      Are you in California? I thought I remember reading your posts about Mexico; I might be confused.

      I’ll have to check back with your site and read up on your adventures anyway. This gives me another reason to return.



      • Some people actually like snow and muggy heat! Go figure… As to the variety, Yosemite, the “real” mountains, the Redwood Forest, etc., are all wonderful. I grew up in San Diego, but I quite like it up here. Each to their own!


  2. The light through the cactus leaves, your upraised arms of celebrating the beauty, your open-armed embrace of the entire scene just made this post extra special for me, Lesley– I am learning more all the time what a generous and joyous and loving heart you have. Bless you!


  3. My boyfriend and I often hike through Crystal Cove State Park starting at the end of Ridge Park Road all the way down to PCH. We’ve only done the hike down so far because he’s not ready for the hike up, but going down takes us about three hours without any breaks AND we get to enjoy a view of the ocean the whole time. What we like to do is head to Javier’s after and enjoying mango and strawberry margaritas with seafood enchiladas or seafood chimichangas. Mmm! What a way to finish off a great workout, right? 😛 I definitely want to check out Laguna Coast. It looks just as beautiful.


  4. I love Old California – it’s so enchanting and it is easy to imagine what it would have been like for those intrepid explorers and Native Americans who first discovered its beauty.


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  6. Most enjoyable visit! Thank you so very much for your travels though my blog…an honor I don’t take lightly. I truly enjoy your blog and will keep returning for more ideas and inspiration for articles. Stay safe out there and keep squezing every once of life out of everything you do! Awesome work!


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