Huntington Beach – Surf City USA

It may be a little bit of a drive from my home in Laguna Hills, but the 8.5 miles of pristine shoreline make “Surf City” a perfect way to spend a Saturday or any day for that matter.

Laguna Beach may be famous for its art walks and festivals and Newport Beach may have spectacular homes, but with it’s sparkling waters, unlimited surf, and friendly people, Huntington Beach is a great, local place to relax, enjoy the sun, and bask in the unbelievable surroundings.

You don’t have to be a great photographer to take stunning photos in Huntington Beach. With the most consistent waves on the West Coast, surfers ride the waves until the sun goes down.  

Huntington Beach Awards:

Best Family Beach – OC Parenting Magazine 3rd Annual Readers Choice Awards (September 2005)

Number One Family Surf Beach in the United States – Dr. Stephen “ Dr. Beach” Leatherman (May 2004)

One of the Top Five Destinations for Teenagers and Their Parents –New York Post (July 2004)

Number One Best City to Live In – Orange County Register 13th Annual Reader Survey (September 2006)

Number One Best Place to Walk/Jog/Bike – Orange County Register 13th Annual Reader Survey (September 2006)

Best City to Live in Orange County – Orange County Register Consumer’s Choice Survey

57 thoughts on “Huntington Beach – Surf City USA

  1. Looking at these pictures makes me miss California. I moved to New Mexico the day before Christmas….we don’t have beautiful sceneries like that here in Albuquerque, though we do have a different kind of beauty.
    Thank you for posting these:)


  2. Well now! Huntington Beach. You have not seen upstate NY lately have you? We have a nice collection of abandoned manufacturing buildings, municipal offices that no one in their right mind would enter, a state capital in Albany that fails at every task that it has encountered in the last 60 years, railroad tracks that lead to nowhere, taxes that outshine anywhere in the universe, schools that can not limit their spending, road full of potholes that are perpetual, colleges spending BILLIONS to graduate students who can not find a job, corruption on every level of government and last but not least a population with the highest body mass index in the USA (or close to it). Am I discouraged? Hell no! there is no place to go BUT UP! Huntington Beach, watch out. We are on your tail. (Well – – – except for the snow and the fog and the rain and the pollen count)


  3. Love the beaches and parks in all of California. We lived in Irvine, and I had great business trips all up and down the coast. We went to a beach every Sunday afternoon after church and walked, relaxed, and read books on a blanket until the day was done. Miss it!


  4. Beautiful!
    Too crowded on the beach and in the water. Too many people take away from the natural beauty. I would love to experience the same location with fewer people! I have been to hundreds of beaches around the world and for me connecting with nature and beauty is a pure experience. It can be shared with a few friends without tainting the experience. However, it is ruined with thousands of others.


  5. My husband and I used to rent an apartment in Huntington Beach. It was one of my favorite places I’ve lived-we could walk downtown and to the beach, get a bite to eat and go to the movies. Sadly, when we went back to visit family recently, the movie theater, and many of our favorite little eateries were gone. But the beach and pier are still beautiful, and my son enjoyed his first splash in the Pacific Ocean. So while I do not miss living in So Cal, I do miss the salty air and sunshine in HB.


  6. I’m planning a road trip through California this summer, I’m also determined to try surfing for the first time in my life! This post just made me very excited, roll on summer, the crashing waves, the glorious sunshine…Thank you for sharing. x


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