Santa Monica Pier

Countless movies and TV shows were filmed at Santa Monica Pier, CA making it a bucket list destination for many.

Its famous wheel, cotton-candy skies, unique entertainers, golden sunsets, and clear, blue, ocean waves certainly lived up to the hype.

77 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier

  1. Having been born in So Cal, oh, a while back, these pictures brought back many good memories, from a lot of different times of life… body surfing & riding the carousel as a kid, going there on dates after college, taking my family and kids there, and many times stopping in for a break while driving down Highway 1… thanks!


  2. Love the Pier…love to bike ride and people watch along Muscle Beach. Was there 6 months ago – will be back soon! Thanks for the great pics (and getting me looking for airline tickets)


  3. I was born in St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, and grew up riding the merry-go-round on the pier. To this day, the Santa Monica pier remains a magical place for me. Loved your post, Lesley! Thank you…


  4. I grew up in LA… Santa Monica pier and beach were my fave places to hang out on Christmas morning–totally deserted and a great place for a pensive walk.


  5. Amazing photos! Amazing you in them! I am fascinated with clouds. I always take photos of all kinds of clouds when I go on a trip. I also love the way you say “cotton-candy skies”. Cheers!!!


  6. I worked for a great company (Intrepid) and led passengers up and down the west coast. The pier was always a great stop and they enjoyed the stories about movies filmed there.


  7. Hey, Leslie. I would love to see Santa Monica and several other cities in California. Have never been to the west coast but hope to visit someday. Thanks for the “like” on my Key West R&R post. And I am so happy to hear your baby girl arrived and you are both doing well. 🙂


  8. Nice pics. I go there all the time and never got that good of pics there….

    Love the shimmering beach.

    It is real fun there and if you are not feeling like getting sand in your socks, but want to enjoy, people watch, be wowed by a California beach sunset in comfort over a great lunch, dinner or cocktails then check out Shutters on the beach. They have great dinner restaurant called Pico 1, but I prefer the restaurant downstairs if you can get in… prepare to wait.

    Also next door, and great for sunset watching is the old Pritikin Center, now the incredible Casa Del Mar. Have lunch and take the short walk to the pier and the longer walk to Venice Beach to see the street people you always see on TV.

    You can find these great places at 1 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

    No I do not work there or receive benefits, just sharing.

    BTW The Bucket List is one of my Faves… and gets my ♥♥♥♥ 4 heart award!


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