Delivering A Bucket List Reader to the Destination of His Dreams

Making bucket list dreams come true has become one of the most rewarding ventures of my life. Being able to say to someone that I’m actually going to make one of their dreams come true is like delivering Christmas and I’m a modern day Santa Claus! In the past month, Bucket List Publications has been able to send one reader, along with a guest, on a heli skiing and resort adventure with Selkirk Tangiers and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. His power dreams came true at the heli skiing capital of the world, BC, Canada, and all he needed to do was submit his bucket list and drive to the resort; we looked after the rest. Most recently, Len, a faithful reader, was delivered to the destination of his dreams – the back of a chauffeured Rolls-Royce limo with Matebele Limo. On April 6th, Len rode around in style and made one of his bucket list items a reality. Riding in a Rolls is an exclusively royal experience; even Kate Middleton chose to ride to Westminster Abbey on her wedding day in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It truly is experiencing the lap of luxury, and Len was not disappointed. 

The Matebele Limo Rolls-Royce Phantom arrived at LAX airport at 4:30pm to transport Len and Wendy to Orange County. As they stepped outside, their chauffeured vehicle was unmistakable. The Phantom’s physical presence was distinct and awe-inspiring and the hum of the direct-injection V12 engine was equally impressive. The rear seats, that are set back in the car, ensured Len and Wendy’s privacy without restricting their first-time-look at LA. The cabin featured flawless leather hides and matching wood trim. Len noticed that while the car is extremely powerful, it was nearly silent during operation, earning its “Phantom” name. It was easy to see why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is loved by celebrities all around the world-it packs a luxury punch inside and out, and understandably makes an excellent bucket list choice.

The soft natural grain leather enveloped their bodies as they sat in the car and it was is complemented by exquisite cabinetry and fine veneers. The Rolls-Royce Phantom delivered speed, silence, comfort, and luxury, but it was the manly, stoic features (the massive grille, the over-sized tires, the sharp edges, and the sheer size) that drew Len to the Rolls-Royce in the first place. “From the huge wheels to the signature grille, the Phantom defines perfection!” Len said.

Matebele Limousine Services is unique in that they run $400k plus in cars for super low rates. They don’t have a cancellation charge and they never charge the guest until the next day when they confirm satisfaction. Most limo companies charge by the hour which makes for an uncomfortable end to an evening and an open tab. Matebele offers an account option with flat rates where the chauffeurs can concentrate on being gracious hosts instead of debt collectors at the end of the evening. They have a fantastic reputation with extensive repeat business. With a 5-Star rating across the board on Yelp and top-notch customer service, Matebele Limousine Services delivered Len in luxury, style, and class.

Bucket List Publications is making dreams come true and helping others live life to the fullest. Just by submitting a bucket list to Bucket List Publications, Len was able to make one of his wildest dreams come true.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Submit your bucket list to Maybe you could be the next bucket list adventure recipient! 

33 thoughts on “Delivering A Bucket List Reader to the Destination of His Dreams

  1. Lesley,

    You really are like a SUPER secret Santa… Making people’s dreams come true. How wonderful.

    I wonder what you could do to help along my Pants-4-Art charity project…? I’m asking celebrities for an autographed pair of old pants to paint on and sell for charity… To give back all the great gifts and life experiences I’ve had is MY bucketlist…


  2. wonderful to see their dreams come true! if one can dream then there is hope! smile nice what you do for others, I loved that movie! I made a list after that! Smile


  3. Everyone should have their Bucket List of Dreams. Mine is to be upgraded on a Virgin overnight flight and sip champagne until I pass out comotose, well, mayble slip gently into a deep, relaxing sleep and arrive at my destination feeling on top of the world rather than like I have been put through a mangle! My volunteers who book their volunteer placements abroad are all following their bucket list and plan and save and realize their dreams. (


  4. I think this is a beautiful thing to help someone achieve a life long goal, as long as they deserve it! You are doing a really great thing 🙂


  5. Never in my lifetime could I have imagined being driven in a Rolls Royce. I thought it was just for royalty!! I would like to thank Lesley and Bucket List Publications for answering my lifetime dream of travelling in such elegance! You definitely made this the drive of a lifetime!! The driver was excellent!! Very professional and friendly. He was also very knowledgeable about the areas we passed and readily shared this information with us! What a ride! Thanks again Lesley!! Sincerely,


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