This is My Fairy Tale!

When we planned our wedding at Breezes Trelawny in Jamaica for January 4th, 2011, we didn’t have high expectations for the resort, rather for our family and our ability to have a great time in any situation. My husband and I had traveled around the world and our only hope was to experience somewhere new while marrying each other. What we didn’t expect was that it was a tropical paradise situated in some of the most stunningly beautiful surroundings on earth. After all, it was here where our lifetime together began.

Breezes Trelawny is not the top resort in Jamaica and it lacks in several all-inclusive areas, such as food, available activities, and cleanliness, but the great photo opportunities were in abundance. I can’t imagine anywhere else in the world where we could get photos on the beach, around a flower-filled walkway, near rustic shacks, in a gazebo, around a pool, on a rock climbing wall, and on a trapeze (Okay, I can guarantee you didn’t expect the trapeze, but it worked).

Most people spend thousands of dollars on having the most beautiful wedding setting and spend thousands more on alcohol and food to follow the ceremony. Our simple, classic wedding was preceded by a dancing bride down the isle that just so happened to be a spectacular beach and succeeded with an open bar and unlimited food in an à la carte restaurant with a singing, dancing waiter. Everything was easy and surreal.

You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without
~ Author Unknown ~
You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams.
~ Dr. Seuss~
As I danced down the beach toward the man of my dreams, my only thought was that he was too far away. We focused on each other and made it a fun, unique adventure. The luscious, green trees provided the perfect contrast to our white attire.  Even our bridal party kicked up their heals and experienced something playful.
Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

This is my fairy tale!

117 thoughts on “This is My Fairy Tale!

  1. I have no words to express how beautiful the pictures are. And more importantly how lively, real and natural they are. As if you’re going to spring to life from those pics. Perfect wedding. How I’d love to get married this way 🙂


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your wedding day experience. I think my favorite part was where you said you were dancing down the beach toward the man of your dreams and your only thought was, he was too far away. The pictures are absolutely amazing! How beautiful you are!


  3. Awesome wedding and photos. I loved LOVED that y’all were flip flops. And my favorite picture was of you dragging your new husband. Yes. Congrats to you both. I leave you with a token of advice:

    May you never lie, cheat, or steal. If you must lie, lie in eachother’s arms. If you must cheat, cheat death. If you must steal, steal away eachother’s kisses.


  4. I love fairy tales and cheers to the one that you are living. Love these photos and it really looks like the both of you mesh so well together. I love Breezes Trelawny and in my opinion it is a fantastic place to start life long romance. Best wishes!!

    By the way…….. That last photo is freakin amazing!! You need to seriously consider the olympic team!


  5. I hope that you realize how blessed your are. Such beautiful pictures and such a story of love, delight of life, and fun. I think that you have the perfect beginnings for your future.


  6. really amazing one.. liked the quote ‘when we cant fall asleep then we really are in love cause reality is finally better than dreams’ a lot… 🙂 loved ur post .. keep it up


  7. I love it! What a fun location for a wedding and you were a beautiful bride, it is ridiculous how much some people spend on a wedding especially when you can have a fabulous wedding like yours without the financial hangover. Congratulations!


  8. Wedding days should never be about the money or inviting hundreds of guests. In todays terms, ten of thousands of dollars are spent on one day of the rest of your life. So congratulations for bucking the crazy trend and concentrating on what a wedding day should really be about – love, family and friends coming together in a beautiful environment, sharing good food, drinks, laughs and making wonderful memories. All my very best to you, your husband and newest little member.


  9. ;D Lovely dress..I especially liked the picture where you were dragging your husband along the beach!! Hee hee…. If he puts a foot wrong he’ll definately be in the dog house with you!! Who says women aren’t strong , eh? Heee heee.. Thanks for liking my post, Beef Heart and Guinness Pie… There are so many more recipes…Have a look, there is even a recipe for Southern Fried Chicken Hearts….Yeah, I know, I have a thing about hearts… Thanks again


  10. Great post. My wife and I too got married on the beach with just a few fiends and family there. Come to think about it, we met in Aruba, got engaged in The Galapagos and then got married in the Cayman Islands . . . I just realized that after reading your post . . . Cool, Thanks,



  11. Thanks for liking my blog post and getting me to this post on yours. We just got engaged and our situation is a bit of a pickle with us in Spain, and families and friends in the the US and Spain. The planning part is stressful, mainly trying to find a sensible solution for us to celebrate with everyone that is important to us. Thanks for a post that is quite timely and got me thinking about a lot of things. Looks like you had an awesome wedding. Congratulations to you both!


  12. Congratulations on your marriage, and may your life journey together be happy and fulfilling in full measure for both of you. Seems like you picked a beautiful place to get married, and thanks for sharing your wedding photos. They are touching as well as whimsical, and I enjoyed seeing all of them.


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