Jump for Mastering Action Shots

Some of my favorite photos are jump action shots, but they can be difficult to achieve.Β Action photography requires you to be quick and know your camera. In most occasions, though, it’s the funny, off-time shots that make the day memorable.

Let’s jump in and see some photos inspired by one action: jump!

Hopefully this photo collection will inspire you to consider action shots the next time you’re at a great location.

85 thoughts on “Jump for Mastering Action Shots

  1. Do you have any camera setting recommendations for jump photos, specifically for a Nikon d3100? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Love these photos!!


  2. Grinning from ear to ear now! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing all these fantastic shots, Lesley! One of my favorite shots from my wedding pics is of me and hubby jumping on the bed in the honeymoon suite. We couldn’t get it in sync but it was so funny and so much fun trying. πŸ™‚ I love action photos, but I’m still learning how to capture them correctly… Guess I just need to keep practicing!


  3. that is so cute, I will try it the next time itake my camera out. it is a new camera. so I am still learning it. but this is so cute my favorite one is the group wedding shot. Smile


  4. What a fun and inspiring post to wake up to. The sun is out here in Hamburg and I want to go ask random people to just jump so I can take a picture! Wonder how that would go over? It truly brings out the grins.


  5. Great pictures and really enjoyed looking at them. Looks like so much fun and is eviident by the smiles. I got a new camera a month ago and will have to play around with it and see what I can do!


  6. Well Lesley – nice photo (again..) and don’t you in the slightest miss bus stops, shopping malls and traffic jams, bibbing of horns…. ( I guess not) – after my recent cruise around the caribbean I wanted to relocate and live on a catamaran (still do), but have to say I hate the LONG flights…(what about you?)!


  7. What a great post! Made me smile…and reminded me, there’s so much fun outdoors – what the heck am I doing sitting in front of my computer screen again! Thanks for sharing these photographs with us.


  8. I think this blog reveals just a little about your personality πŸ™‚ Love the wedding photos! I think I’m going to start using ‘jump’ more in pictures. It’s fun to share the energy of a moment captured in time!


  9. Love this! So fun and full of life…it seems to capture your adventurous spirit sooo well! Great ideas for shot and definitely going to try this [can’t believe I haven’t thought of it already!]


  10. Wow. Many of these are good. I especially like the first one, the third, the seventh, twelveth, thirteenth and fourteenth.


  11. Jumping for joy I am! Some of these very happily reminded me of some the jumping in the water park in Savannah shots of my granddaughter on her spring break week before last!


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