Newport Beach Never Ceases to Amaze Me

“The OC” was my guilt pleasure from 2003 to 2007. Ryan and Marissa’s affluent seaside lives in Newport Beach created a fantasy land that I longed to experience. It wasn’t the high-class world of Newport Beach that enthralled me; it was more of the surroundings and possibilities that held my attention and kept me dreaming. Growing up in the harsh winters and short summers of eastern Canada left me wanting more sunshine, ocean waves, warm weather, and hot sandy beaches. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I finally made my dream location, southern California, my home, I spent countless days and nights at Newport Beach. 

The surfers are always in abundance at Balboa Pier. Their skill and grace encourage me to continue practicing. The art of surfing is as beautiful as watching a ballerina on stage. Control, endurance, and balance are at their finest while surfing the Pacific waves. I haven’t mastered the surf board just yet, but I still enjoy the thrill of the waves on a body board.

When we’re not enjoying the refreshing water, Newport Beach is a great place to walk along the sand, play games, bask in the sun, and take in the Golden Coast. As I continue to walk along the boardwalk, revel in the sunsets, and boogie board in the ocean waves all year long, the beauty of Newport Beach never ceases to amaze me.

56 thoughts on “Newport Beach Never Ceases to Amaze Me

  1. Spent my first 18 years in Florida, then the next 25 in Pacific Northwest and now Hamburg… I’m ready again to feel warmth on my skin, sand between my toes, and smell the salty air. Great happy photos. And what is it about those jump shots that bring such a smile!


  2. I remember going to Newport Beach as a kid, that and Disneyland, as I had relatives there. Your blog brought back such fond memories. Thanks! It sure looks like you guys were having fun. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Newport, it’s such a fun area, the only bummer is that the parking sucks, but the beaches are pretty sweet. I would like to do a guest post sometime? Maybe on Dana Pointe, San Juan Capistrano or San Clemente area? Or all three?


  4. Awesome pictures! I know what you mean by “guilt pleasure” about Newport beach 🙂

    It’s a bit different story, but have you been to Newport (similar name lol), RI? It has completely different feel to it – more of East Coast, I would say. But gorgeous beach, tranquil scenery and pastoral town. I highly recommend!


  5. Wonderful pictures! and they are so happy sunny and warm and they do make you want to go to the sun and sand places to live. Here in chicago we are still waiting and waiting, and that makes me dream of moving. One day I will. I have never lived in any other place. The two photos I like the best are 1. with you with your sunglasses on and you can see who is taking your picture,2. The surf picture with only three surfers. The colors in the water and the captured movement, are great I really love that one. and yes me too that goes on the list of place to see and go too. Smile thanks for sharing the excitment. Simple pleasures sometimes are the best!


  6. I was watching surfers at Huntington Beach today. It seems like a lot of work for a few seconds’ fun. They were so thick in the water, they kept running over each other. I would have to wear a helmet if I was in there with them.


  7. Having lived in Newport Beach for a year I certainly appreciated looking down that fabulous riviera like coastline…but I did find it a bit of a cultural wasteland . If you like the outdoor life though it doesn’t get any better….


  8. I’m all wet and have sand between my toes after soaking up this wonderful post. Great joy for you and Darren there at Newport Beach. So pleased for you that your dream home location came true.


  9. My husband and I just went there last month and absolutely loved it! We were fascinated by the beauty of it, the fun of the Balboa Ferry, the surfers, the most amazing sunset. (We also like to travel a lot and take pics wherever we go, like you guys.) Thanks for visiting my site today and enjoying my post about my new book, Finally the Bride.


  10. I can very much arelate to this. Ever since seeing The O.C. air I am wondering about life in New Port Beach and Orange County. Unlike you, I haven’t been able to make that particular move. Seeing this, makes me really want to do that. Thank you for sharing this!


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