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Similac gave me the opportunity to review the Similac Simply Smart Bottle and after trying it out, both Athena and I love it! Finding the right bottle, and the right nipple, makes a difference for Athena’s comfort and enhances feeding time for both of us. Three qualities that make the Similac Simply Smart Bottle the right fit for Athena are: the venting system, the nipple, and easy mix, mixing device. These combined features have addressed the challenges I’ve been facing during feeding including formula flow, bubbles, fussiness, and gas.

Other bottles have been resulting in excessive air intake that has lead to fussiness and gas, but the Similac Simply Smart Bottle has an exclusive venting system called Intellivent that is designed to minimize air intake. After only a few uses, I noticed a positive change in Athena’s feedings and gassiness.

The naturally shaped nipple is slow flowing, which is perfect for newborns and the larger shape makes it super easy to clean. Even at the end of the feeding, no bubbles were in the top of the nipple. Both the shape and the size match Athena’s feeding habits.

The EasyMix mixing device minimizes clumps and bubbles. I can shake or swirl the bottle for easy mixing and de-clumping. Although the EasyMix is removable, it’s firmly attached and easy to clean.

As an added bonus for me, the numbers, measuring the ounces, on the bottle, are in dark blue and are fairly large and easy to see. Some of the other bottles have lighter, smaller numbers that are hard to see in the daylight, let alone at night.

The Similac Simply Smart Bottle is available for purchase nationwide online and in stores at Target, Walmart, and at I’m glad I made the switch; her other bottles have become back-up making the Similac Simply Smart Bottle our first choice.

21 thoughts on “Similac SimplySmart Bottle

  1. Well written about Similac. I am way past this stage of mothering, but I like to check in on products like this for my young friends. Being a mother of five kids and in the kid business I am still asked about what products for feeding I would recommend. Knowing that your Athena (LOVE THIS NAME) has also tried and is less uncomfortable is good to know. One thing new moms should know is that most babies, typically within 45 minutes of last feeding will begin to fuss. This is not a precise time or a science. Only that as their new little bodies are adjusting to life outside of mama, so is their digestion and it can take a while for baby to settle into the routines of feeding. Moms have told that Simulac has produced less of those fussier times after feeding. It’s a product that has been around for a very long time, and continues to refine a baby’s feeding and the sensitivities our baby’s have.


  2. Neat, I have so much to learn apparently. I’ve never thought of the air intake issue when feeding a baby. I’m gettin ready to make my first baby related post as my wife and I just announced to friend’s and family we’re expecting. I’ve read some of your previous baby related posts, and I’m sure I’ll be able to plick up some plenty of tips and good products from your future ones.



  3. Everything is so exciting today, having to do with having a baby, that sometimes I wish I could have another one! I had five babies but things were still so old fashioned that I feel I missed out… For instance I had to be in the hospital at least five days and in bed! For two of mine I was in the hospital seven days! No one was allowed in to see the baby or me except my husband. I love these new birthing suites they have now! I was fortunate and nursed all five of my babies but of course I was very discreet. Oh…to be young again… Enjoy this time with your new baby and with your husband…years pass by so quickly…


  4. Oh, how bottles for babies have changed… I would throw them on the floor when I was a baby and break them (only glass in 1949) …so a nipple was put on a short COKE bottle…for me…For some reason they didn’t break as easy…I know you’re grinning…thinking of this Bottle idea! ~mkg


  5. Did I miss the post when you announced Athena’s birth? Congratulations! I echo all the comments made by allinthedayofme above. Being in hospital for 10 days was the norm! My own daughter went home at 10pm on the day her first was born at 2pm! When she was herself born, on Christmas Day, they wouldn’t let me out until 6th January and I had a 2 year old at home!
    I’m so glad you’ve found a feeding system that works for you both.
    Enjoy your time together – it does go by awfully quickly, love to you all 🙂


  6. Even grandma’s like a happy feeding time for the babies! Both of my DIL’s had issues with the bottles they used causing lots of gas and fussiness. If we had only known! Congratulations on your sweet little Athena. This is a precious time in your life–enjoy!! xoxo


  7. My own children were Similac babies, and did well on it. Mom, may she rest in peace, helped, too, of course. But I handled the night time, me and Similac.


  8. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! We used Similac in our house too. My children had colic and respiratory problems which caused our fussiness.My oldest had colic for 2 years until I learned she was allergic to foods that had soy or lecithin in them. I had to stop eating any foods that had those ingredients while I nursed her. My youngest, the doctors thought, had allergies to wheat, oats, corn, milk, fish, and almonds. So I was avoiding all these foods when I was nursing him. It was hard. I took both my children to naturopaths and paediatric allergists over the years to learn how to manage this. Anyhow, to survive and share our recipes with extended family members, I started a blog ( ). So I share my website with you in the hopes that it will help some other struggling family with their baby’s fussiness. I must apologize, there are no pictures because I didn’t have time but the recipes have been tried and tested by my children and family and they pass our taste test. There were a lot more that did not. I hope someone finds the information helpful.


  9. Congratulations on mamahood! I hope you are getting some sleep…it really is the most wonderful and most tiring job in the world, but well worth every sleepless night! I noticed you were stopping by again, and imagined the little one had arrived.
    Continued blessings to you and your family with all the newness and wonder! Erin, Bella Bleue


  10. We’re expecting our second child and with the first one 3.5 years ago we went for the popular off the shelf. Its amazing how much thought now goes into finding the right feed, bottle, etc. Though I’m not sure this one is available in the UK it certainly gives food (forgive the pun) for thought..


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