Similac SimplySmart Giveaway!

Similac gave me the opportunity to review the Similac Simply Smart Bottle and after trying it out, both Athena and I love it! Finding the right bottle, and the right nipple, makes a difference for Athena’s comfort and enhances feeding time for both of us. Three qualities that make the Similac Simply Smart Bottle the right fit for Athena are: the venting system, the nipple, and easy mix, mixing device. These combined features have addressed the challenges I’ve been facing during feeding including formula flow, bubbles, fussiness, and gas.

Other bottles have been resulting in excessive air intake that has lead to fussiness and gas, but the Similac Simply Smart Bottle has an exclusive venting system called Intellivent that is designed to minimize air intake. After only a few uses, I noticed a positive change in Athena’s feedings and gassiness.

The naturally shaped nipple is slow flowing, which is perfect for newborns and the larger shape makes it super easy to clean. Even at the end of the feeding, no bubbles were in the top of the nipple. Both the shape and the size match Athena’s feeding habits.

The EasyMix mixing device minimizes clumps and bubbles. I can shake or swirl the bottle for easy mixing and de-clumping. Although the EasyMix is removable, it’s firmly attached and easy to clean.

As an added bonus for me, the numbers, measuring the ounces, on the bottle, are in dark blue and are fairly large and easy to see. Some of the other bottles have lighter, smaller numbers that are hard to see in the daylight, let alone at night.

The Similac Simply Smart Bottle is available for purchase nationwide online and in stores at Target, Walmart, and at

Here’s your chance to win with Similac SimplySmart! The giveaway will include the following items:
– One 8oz bottle
-One 4 oz bottle
-One on-the-go power cap
-Three Similac SimplePac coupons
With free shipping (No restrictions)!

One (1) lucky reader will be selected at random on April 28th, 2012! The winner will be shipped the above Similac SimplySmart products. 

There are several ways you can enter (For each category you complete, you will receive one entry):

1. “Like” this post,  then leave a comment below telling me you have done this.

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Good luck to all who enter!

15 thoughts on “Similac SimplySmart Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations! Some how I missed the announcement. Bet you and she are doing fine. No, I won’t be entering the contest. No more kids or grandkids for me. 😀


  2. I have been reading up about these bottles for a while now. I haven’t had any extra money to go out and buy the starter pack. Fingers crossed I win! I started following you on twitter as well. Thanks for the great post and all the information. It makes me want them even more.


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