Bucket List Publications is Accepting Submissions & Making Bucket List Dreams a Reality

You can now submit your own articles and bucket lists to Bucket List Publications Online Magazine for publication! It’s easy to create your own account (two short steps), upload your article and photos, and await publication to over 30,000 readers a day and over 26,000 followers!


Register, become a Bucket List Publications contributor, write your own articles, and submit your own pictures. Share your knowledge and experiences with others.

How to Proceed:
Look at several articles in the magazine and become familiar with the types of articles that are published in the various sections.

Please note that a place is not an idea, and that the editor is looking for a compelling reason to assign an article: a specific angle, news that makes the subject fresh, a writer’s enthusiasm for and familiarity with the topic.

Steps to Submit:

  1. Register by creating a user name and a password
  2. Confirm account information via email
  3. Log in with your user name and password
  4. Click on the “Posts” menu item and “add new”
  5. When you’ve finished with your article and photos, click “submit for review”

Please submit articles on the following subjects:

Love, Romance & Family (Relating to Bucket List Items)
Reviews (Hotels, resorts, and other travel/adventure related areas)

Articles should include at least 3 pictures.

Your submissions do not need to be original posts. You can submit already published works as long as they are your own content and your own photos.

All authors/photographers whose articles are chosen for publication will receive publication at Bucket List Publications and lesleycarter.wordpress.com a link to their blog, and a link on my Facebook page.


  • Remember to include a catchy title
  • Insert photos
  • Don’t forget to check off the appropriate categories and tags
  • Preview your post before submitting it for approval
  • Remember to add a Feature Image (can be found on the bottom right hand corner)
  • Include a link to you blog
  • Include your name at the top (Featured Writer:…)

Also, please feel free to submit your bucket lists to: [email protected]
Put “Bucket List” in the subject line.
Include your name, blog address, current city/town & country
See http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/2012/02/09/2012-bucket-list-adventure-awaits/ for an example bucket list.  

We are making bucket list dreams a reality! See the “We Make it Happen” section to read bucket list items that we’ve made happen for readers of Bucket List Publications. 

lesleycarter.wordpress.com and Bucket List Publications Magazine has an average of 900,000 views a month!

Thank you and we look forward to reading your Bucket List Publications!

19 thoughts on “Bucket List Publications is Accepting Submissions & Making Bucket List Dreams a Reality

  1. Just stopping by to thank you for liking my post this week. What a cool idea you’ve come up with. Congratulations.


  2. Thanks for liking my post!

    As someone with a well-developed newness gene, I’m a big fan of perusing all the dreams contained in your Bucket List. I’ll be sure to submit an article or two for you publication.


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