The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Tub – Sure Comfort Deluxe

I always thought that one baby bathtub was just as good as another. After all, it only gets used for baths, and the process seemed like it was going to be difficult no matter what I did. To my surprise, though, The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Tub has made the process a little bit easier. I’ve only used it for newborn use to date but it has already made bath time quicker and simpler.

The tub is great for newborns through toddler years. It comes with a padded mesh infant sling that is removable after infancy. The sling and padded head rest cradles the baby for safety and security while bathing and it is machine washable. (Lets face it, there’s going to be spit up and other “accidents” on the sling at some point. After all, I’ve learned that water or even wipes encourage a little extra tinkle once and a while.)

There is a drain plug in the bottom of the tub, which is perfect to easily let the water out of the tub without having to lift or flip the tub to drain and it’s made of a special material that changes color to let you know if the water temperature is too hot. Although I wouldn’t completely rely on the changing drain plug, it is a nice addition.

On one end of the tub, there is a holder for soap, shampoo, rinse cup, toys, etc.. You can also fill the wash basin with rinsing water so the baby’s sensitive eyes are not exposed to soapy water.

The upright backrest provides additional support for toddlers while giving them plenty of room to splash and explore.

Its plastic material and mesh sling make it super light and easy to transport.

Instead of trying to wash Athena on the changing table, I have an actual tub that supports her and comforts her during the new stages of life. Although bath time is not our favorite time of the day, the soft sling and pads certainly ensures comfort and makes bath time a little less hectic.

The tub comes in pink and blue and can be purchased at Amazon for $31.99

22 thoughts on “The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Tub – Sure Comfort Deluxe

  1. We just purchased this tub also but in in blue for our little guy. We had a different one first but found this one is so much more user friendly!


    • I enjoy using it now and if I can get 9 months out of it, that will be more than most baby products 😉

      Do you think you’ll just use the regular tub when he grows out of it?

      Thanks for sharing,



  2. We used this tub for our daughter and loved it! Totally worth the money 🙂 We actually still use it off and on and she is 2 years old, because sometimes we don’t want to fill an entire tub with water. But at this age, most of the time she just showers with me in the morning, easy!


  3. We have a Tub like this and it works great! They really help with the slippery baby! I am not one who likes to hold my daughter in the shower to clean her up (I don’t want her to slip). Today we just tried the sink out and she loved it! Thank you for the post. Tom Jr


  4. Wow I need a blue one my daughter is having a boy finally after baby four 😉 papa is excited. We have three children soon to be 10 grandbabies 1 2/3 boys here in august!!! And 8 girls our girltourage we like to call it.
    Thanks Lesley I am a huge fan of your blog !!!


  5. I have this same tub except blue for my little man and I LOVED it for a long time. He outgrew it about 7 months because he is a BIG (for his age), curious kiddo and wouldn’t sit still enough for me to bathe him in it so we moved into the big tub with a bath matt and though it is a very wet experience, I definitely recommend the matt once babies outgrow this great tub. Great review!


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