“Destinations” Make All the Difference – Fanciful Flight Dreams Come True

“I love flying! Ever since I was a small boy, I dreamed of flying. At age 16, I took an introductory pilot lesson at an airport in Cameron Park, California and had the experience of a lifetime. We flew around for an hour and it was amazing! Ever since then, I have resolved to one day pursue my private pilot’s license. I dreamed about being back in the pilot’s seat again.” Jason MacLean

Bucket List Publications doesn’t believe in saying, “Get your head out of the skies.”  No! We believe in putting you back where you belong and Jason MacLean of Oklahoma belongs in the sky.

On April 21st Bucket List Publications organized a pilot flight for Jason with instructor Mike Barnes at Destinations EFC. Destinations Executive Flight Training LLC trains competent, confident pilots. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they provide accelerated Private and Instrument ground schools, as well as flight training in a full fleet of aircraft, and FAA Approved full-motion AATD flight simulators emphasizing emergency procedures, crosswind landings training, and instrument training on Garmin G1000, 530, 430, as well as 6 pack steam gauges. Although I couldn’t make Jason a full-fledged pilot, with the support of Destinations EFC, I could put him back in the pilot seat.

On Saturday, April 21st, 2012, they drove to the airport. Jason said, “It was a beautiful morning – mostly clear with a light 5mph wind – a perfect day for flying! They arrived at Destinations EFC and received a lively welcome from Mike Barnes. “Their hangar was dazzling with a gorgeous Cessna aircraft and two state-of-the-art flight simulators,” Jason said with excitement.

Jason was given a quick tour. Then he was educated on the basics of flight and how the aircraft operates. He then experienced a full lesson in a simulator. His excitement was building by the second. “It was awesome” was all that he could say. His experience was beyond words already and he hadn’t even set foot in the outside hangar.

He headed out to the Cessna 172 and taxied over to the airstrip. Jason was about the be in control of an aircraft once again, but this time his experience far surpassed his 16-year-old memories.

“I believed that Mike was going to take off then hand me the controls to do a little flying around and then he’d land us safely on the ground and I’d have another fun flying experience like before. After all, that’s what happened when I flew for the first time at 16. Boy was I in for a surprise.” Mike had other plans for Jason and he wanted to give him the real pilot experience.

Mike put Jason in the left hand seat, the pilot seat, and he showed him how to taxi as they headed out to the airstrip. He instructed him how to take off and “the next thing I knew, we were in the air!” Jason was the one flying. Although Mike was there to make adjustments or take over at any time, he allowed Jason to have a true pilot’s journey.

Mike said they were going to “go around a few times” which Jason thought meant they were going to fly in circles, but instead it meant they were going to land, take-off, land, take-off, and land and take-off again. Jason was elated with happiness! “How cool was that? Not only did I get to take off, but I got to land the plane too! And I did it over and over again so I could practice and improve those skills!” The extensive session was led by a professional, friendly, confident instructor that put Jason at ease. “Mike provided me with his full attention and instruction, sharing knowledge and pushing my limits every step of the way.”

After a few practice runs, they headed west and climbed to around 3,500 feet. The views of Tulsa and the surrounding area were breathtaking and they finally circled back to land for a 4th time.

They dropped the plane off at the airstrip fueling station and Mike drove them back to the hangar. He showed Jason around his flight instruction classroom and they visited in the hangar for a while before saying good-bye.

Jason said, “It was an exhilarating experience and I’ve thought about it every day since. This was a dream realized and I thank you so very much for helping to make this happen!”

Dreams are meant to come true and if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Thanks for submitting your bucket list, Jason and we look forward to the next bucket list adventure.

Submit your bucket list to http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/submissions/. Maybe you could be the next bucket list adventure recipient!

25 thoughts on ““Destinations” Make All the Difference – Fanciful Flight Dreams Come True

  1. I first went flying when I was 16, too, and even though I’ve had a passion for flying for as long as I can remember, it really spurred me on to wanting to pursue the dream and get a PPL. This has proven it is even more worthwhile. A truly unique experience. Hope to follow Jason’s lead some time soon!


  2. I enjoy your love of the rush. And thank you for following my blog as well. It means a lot that someone as accomplished as you in this world takes the time to do that. Thank you.


  3. Jason, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing with all of us! What a fun experience that must have been, and the views up there I am sure were absolutely amazing! :] and thank you for posting and sharing his story Lesley :] I love reading these posts from you, makes me want to do everything you post and talk about! Fun and exciting

    -Melanie Gordon
    Independent Scentsy Consultant
    [email protected]


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  5. Way cool!!! I wish the flight instructed I had when I was in flight school was like that. I became dis-encahanted after a bad experience…someday maybe I will take it up again.


  6. How wonderful. Congratulations. I was working for an airline nearly 40 years and I had a dream to be a pilot some day. It never came true, until last year “nearly”. Then my wife gave to me the birth day present to be remembered – three hours of flying in a commercial aircraft DC-9 in a simulator. It was awesome and basics were easy to me, because I have been sitting in cockpit during five years.

    My post:

    Day as a pilot

    Once more – great post.


  7. Yay, Jason!!! Congratulations!!! This blog is fantastic. It is wonderful to see such a beautiful heart making dreams come true…

    PS Sending love and blessings from a fellow “Okie”. 😉


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