Bucket List Item # 9 – Lose the “Baby Weight” (Giveaways Included)

Athena is now 6 weeks old and it’s time I start taking bucket list item #9, lose the baby weight, seriously. Just last year, I ran a marathon; now walking up three flights of stairs leaves me winded. I want to run again, I want to see muscle on my legs, arms, and stomach rather than fat, and more importantly, I want to be healthy and active so when my daughter is ready to play so am I.

Running without keys, a phone, or ID never really mattered to me before. I left the house with only the clothes on my back and the runners on my feet. Now, with a newborn at home with my husband when I’m out, my mind is running as much as my feet. I worry about her every second and I wouldn’t be able to function if I didn’t carry my phone. I even feel like I need some cash just in case I needed to call a taxi to get home more quickly.

I tried running with my phone in my pocket only to continuously be pulling up my shorts or adjusting my pockets. Wearing a sweater with pockets is not exactly an option in southern California either. With temperatures in the 80s, the last thing I want to wear is a heavy sweater.

Enter the Armpocket and the Runnur, two great carriers for all your running essentials.

The Runnur is a strap worn across the body from shoulder to hip. It carries all the essential items you need to get you through your day. It’s convenient and comes in handy while running or traveling. While on the road, you won’t need to worry about getting your bag snatched or carrying a heavy pack with you everywhere you go. The material is lightweight and the shoulder strap has slip grip to help keep it from moving out of position while being active. It includes a grommet hole with a carabineer at the bottom to hold your keys or other things you want to access quickly. It also includes a strip of integrated high visibility reflective tape on the back to keep you safe when around traffic. With pockets for your ID, everything your wallet could hold, including credit card slots, your phone, a camera, glasses, and more, including a carbiner clip at the bottom, the Runnur manages all of your essential needs.

Armpocket offers another great solution at an even smaller size. The XTREME i-30 is the largest Armpocket with maximum storage and 3 interior pockets. It easily stores your phone, keys, money, ID, and much more. It’s ideal for long runs or a day of hiking and it leaves you hands-free. The touch-sensitive window lets you navigate your phone or music player. It’s made with water-resistant recycled plastic fibers and has high visibility reflective piping on the front. It uses memory foam for the padding and the ultra-soft strap is vented. The audio port is standard size and it keeps the headphone cord at a constant length. On the side, where the two zippers end, there’s a loop to hold the zippers so that they don’t bounce around while running. Inside the back of the Armpocket, there are 2 pockets to put credit cards, ID, and cash. On the front side, there’s a stretchy band to hold a phone. This small armband packs a large punch and everything else that you need.

In an age where most people don’t leave the house without their keys and their phone, both  the Runnur and the Armpocket offer much needed alternatives for carrying all of your essentials. I like to use the Armpocket while running on my own and the Runner while I’m out with Athena. Although I’m never quite hands-free anymore, it’s great to have a few less things to worry about.

If you’d like to winner a Runnur or/and an Armpocket of your own, check out Bucket List Publications Online Magazine by clicking the following links: Runnur and Armpocket.

26 thoughts on “Bucket List Item # 9 – Lose the “Baby Weight” (Giveaways Included)

  1. Congrats on 6 weeks! Mine is 6 weeks old today too and I am also very ready to lose all of the baby weight and get back to my pre-baby shape!


  2. Oooh I know that feeling – but please don’t push it. I was a pre-baby runner too. I did an hour of intense yoga 5 weeks post birth and whilst it felt good at the time – the pain following it was excrutiating. Baby steps. You will get there. For me, one thing that did away with the concerns your raised in this post was running with the pram. Once my son was old and enough (about 6 months) I’d take him – he’d either enjoy looking at waht was happening at the world around him or just sleep. I did a 10km fun run with the pram when he was a year old. We ran as part of a team raising funds and awareness for asylum seekers. Running an event with a pram was not easy – I was the only woman attempting it over that distance – but it was great fun. We tied a balloon to the pram to entertain the little fella – people gave way (in a large event this is worth its way in gold – especially at the start) and lots of people had a chat along the way – so although we didnt go fast we jogged along for the whole distance, even the hills and had a great time along the way. Enjoy.


  3. I totally remember wanting to be back to pre-baby fighting form. But you’ll get there. Really. Don’t hurt yourself. My kids are 9 and 11, and I definitely feel like I have been (for several years) in better shape than I was before kids. You have plenty of time. Enjoy the jog stroller! And the good weather. Congrats!


  4. I can understand, I have a 5 month old and I got so big and am finding it harder to lose weight, I never tried running before because I thought I may look stupid stopping all the time for a breath,LOL, I just recently went vegan in hopes not only to lose weight but get healthier as well, I wish you luck on running.


  5. Sorry I’m late with my congrats, but congratulations! So, you can’t run until six weeks anyway, so you are right on time! And be healthy when you do, and not in a hurry! It will come off. It took me a year to get off the twins weight, but I took my time and then kept it off. Now I just struggle with age related creeping weight. 🙂 Sigh, it’s always something. Great post, love the articles.


  6. Aw, don’t be too hard on yourselves! (Lesley & readers!) It takes time to get back to where you were before and running will always be there- 6 weeks is so very brand new… you’ll get there!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the great gear recs- will definitely check them out!


  7. I just started running last year (not to lose baby weight of course) but I found something at a expo called the spibelt – I love it. Here is the website – http://www.spibelt.com – if you aren’t sold on the Armpocket or Runnr give it a try. It holds my cell phone, keys, credit card and ID (in case I get thirsty on the run and want to stop at a bar along the route 🙂 )


  8. That’s what I need! I usually stuff my phone in my sports bra when I go walking! lol The ArmPocket would be perfect for me! I’m going to enter the giveaway and if I don’t win; that’s going to be my next purchase!


  9. Hi Lesley,
    Love your blog, it makes me laugh! I am on my fourth child (Ages from 17 to 5) and I have never been able to loose the “Baby weight” I always seem to be about 5 months pregnant 😉
    PS: Has any one told you that running is a dangerous sport!


  10. Hi, Lesley! Sorry to be so late with congratulations, but still – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh, it’s such a wonderful – and difficult – time now for all three of you. But if you’re already concerned about loosing “baby weight” and actually going on runs by yourself – then you’re doing REALLY great! Keep that up! Just don’t push yourself too hard – as others said: you have time, really 🙂 Don’t loose the joy both of excercising and being a mommy 🙂 Best wishes to your little treasure!


  11. Love the equipment suggestions. I am always looking for ways to carry my essentials without adding too much weight, especially on the longer runs. After about mile 5, even an extra 8 oz can feel like 100 lbs.


  12. This is the BEST giveaway ever – hands down. I have no doubt that you will lose your ‘baby’ weight and be the healthy fabulous woman you always have been. Your daughter is one lucky girl! xoxo


  13. I’m in post-baby weight-loss mode myself. My baby is 10 months old and with the Summer approaching, now’s the time to kick butt! I’ve been working out for two weeks and already lost 2.2 lbs– which I’m super proud of– I’ms approaching MILF status. So congrats to you for kicking it into gear so soon after baby and good luck to you! Thanks for posting about this product. I need all of the cool products so that I can really feel “in style” while I sweat it out. And this beats the heck out of a fanny pack!


  14. Good luck! I’m one year postpartum (after baby #2) tomorrow and still have 10-15 pounds to go. It takes a VERY long time! I run as well but all the stuff strapped on me would drive me nuts! My way to hold everything is my Lululemon running capris and top. They have pockets everywhere and never slip down!


  15. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. As you may have seen, I have a 6 month old darling girl, so I was keen to read more on what your baby weight plans were! Unfortunately I had severe pelvic instability and was bed/wheelchair bound for 5 months of my pregnancy, so it’s not just baby weight but rehab I am contending with! Running is a bit too tough for me just yet, but I’m definitely inspired by your efforts. 6 weeks! Go girl!
    Beck at becksambitions.com


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