Feel the G Force at Iowa Speedway with GASS

Bucket list Publications is at it again. We set the goal of helping one bucket list reader achieve their dreams each month but we’re averaging four! This weekend, Ian of Iowa will have the wheel for the thrilling drive of his life. Thanks to GASS Racing School, he’ll participate in the Great American Stockcar Series driving experience.

GASS offers three great opportunities: a ride along, driving laps, and an actual race school. With the Ride Along opportunity, you ride along as a driver puts a powerful race car through its paces for four incredible laps. You can also double the laps and double the thrills of the ride along. With the Driving Experience, you start with one session of riding with a driver to learn the ropes, then you get 10 laps on the track in the driver’s seat to see what you are made of! Finally, in their Race School, you learn with one-on-one instruction; a personal consultation with a driver with a total of 60 incredible laps. The Advanced Driving School includes an incredible 120 laps to develop your skills. If you have no prior racing experience, this is the program that can qualify you to drive in a GASS TV race.

The first event of their season will be held in conjunction with the NASCAR events the weekend of May 18th, 2012. The GASS practice session is all day Friday and their race event is the evening of May 19th following the K&N West race. We’ve arranged for Ian to spend some time in the hot pits and get into a car for a driving experience of his own. It will be like he’s part of the crew!

Stay tuned to read about Ian’s bucket list dream come true.

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16 thoughts on “Feel the G Force at Iowa Speedway with GASS

    • Thank you! Please share the link and help make others aware of the site. the more readers, the more opportunity to make dreams come true.

      Don’t forget to submit your own list as well 🙂


      • I sure did share the “bungee” post, darling! I will share this one also, gladly! I put the “bungee” on all my pages and I will press it into my blog soon. I guess I need to look around more and see where to submit my list. I got caught up reading your past blogs, lol! BTW, great response already to my share of your blog on Facebook. Thankful for you. Love and blessings. xo


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